Daily Archives: October 4, 2021

Something Good

1. Good stuff from Lion’s Roar: 7 Life and Death Questions, The Five Remembrances, and The Creative Force: In Conversation with Novelist Ruth Ozeki.

2. In ‘Two Worlds,’ Split-View Photos Frame the Dual Environments Above and Below the Water’s Surface.

3. How to Share Space Again. “A gathering expert offers guidance on returning to a new kind of public life.”

4. How to support a friend or family member who’s struggling with their mental health.

5. Recipes I want to try (because someone gave me a bunch of apples): Apple Pie Filling (I think it would be yummy spooned on top of a bowl of oatmeal) and Apple Fritter Sweet Rolls.

6. Two Pockets from Jena Schwartz.

7. Good stuff from Austin Kleon: The Four Energies, Rewinding your attention, and An act of perpetual self-authorization.

8. In the TED spotlight, “Some thoughts on a little talk, and a big idea” in which Wendy Mac of DrawTogether talks about how she “stood on that famous red dot and got to share my thoughts about why drawing is essential: how it slows us down, helps us pay attention, look closely and connect with one another.” She also shares a link to her talk.

9. Cats are weird. (video)

10. This picture of all the different colors of chicken eggs.

11. Definitions of important mental health terms. Gaslighting, Love Bombing, The Guilt Trip, Negging, and Emotional Blackmail. Also a few slides about the mental impact of manipulation and how to deal with manipulative people.

12. Mail delays and price hikes are coming to USPS. Here’s why.

13. How I Knew I Needed to Quit Instagram on The New York Times.

14. Poet Tracy K. Smith on Finding Joy During an Unbearable Year.

15. Brandon Stosuy on “Cultivating an Art of Noticing” in the Age of Scrolling.

16. Meredith Woolnough creates embroidered artworks using a freehand embroidery technique on water-soluble fabrics. (video)

17. Uncoverage, “A podcast about growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist cult in America.” In related news (even though it is a two year old post), Ex-members: Shambhala, Boulder-born Buddhist organization, suppressed allegations of abuse.

18. Collage artist makes amazing art with old magazines. (video)

19. Colson Whitehead Finally Gets To Flex His Comedy Muscle.

20. Decluttering is bad for the planet. Here’s how to do it sustainably.

21. Understanding Wise Hope by Roshi Joan Halifax. “This is a sacred time we are in, yes, a scary time for many, a terrible time for many, a powerful time of learning for many, and I feel it is important to see that our work on behalf of others is sacred work. I believe that wise hope is a medicine that keeps us showing up for this sacred work of meeting reality, moment after moment with the heart of a bodhisattva.”