Something Good

1. How to Work with Anxiety on the Path of Liberation on Lion’s Roar. “Anxiety is actually a necessary part of our path. Psychotherapist Bruce Tift gives an instruction in how to relate to it constructively.”

2. The Tenacity of Trees. A gallery of trees growing in impossible places.

3. Be Like Benji trailer. “Benji the Dog is adventuring into his first animated adventure for all ages.” You have to subscribe to see the full episode, but just the trailer made me so happy.

4. Why this s.tage of the pandemic makes us so anxious.

5. This Conversation Will Change How You Think About Trauma. Ezra Klein’s podcast on The New York Times. “The author of The Body Keeps the Score on how trauma transforms the body and the brain.”

6. Monday, a poem by Alex Dimitrov.

7. Alison Bechdel and Cheryl Strayed in Conversation. “Earlier this summer, Alison Bechdel and Cheryl Strayed got together for Virtual Wordplay, an event presented by St. Catherine University and Star Tribune…During their talk, transcribed and lightly edited below, the two discuss Alison Bechdel’s new graphic memoir The Secret to Superhuman Strength and reflect on the gendered history of physical activity and the spiritual nature of exercise.”

8. In Praise of Snail Mail.

9. Divided We Fall: Americans in the Aftermath. “In the wake of 9/11, Valarie Kaur set out across the country as a college student, camera in hand, to document stories of hate violence on people of color, especially Sikh Americans…The go-to film on hate crimes in the aftermath of 9/11. Watch the 20 year anniversary re-release for free.”

10. Good stuff from Seth Godin: Urgent cultural change and Writing Something.

11. On blooming (and not) on Rita’s Notebook. “One day this week I was scrolling a social media channel and I saw a photo full of now-former colleagues. They were doing something fun together, and I felt this tight little feeling in my chest. Not because I missed them or wished I’d been included, but because I felt so relieved to be out of the place I’ve been and sad/weird about feeling relieved. They are not terrible people, and it is not a terrible place. But, now that I don’t have to work there any more, I can finally fully admit to myself how much it just wasn’t my place. Their community and its culture isn’t mine.” *sigh*

12. Tattoo Artist Esther Garcia Creates Beautiful Blackout Tattoo Designs.

13. The Beauty of Beasts (and How to Save Them From Ourselves). “Possibility, not hope, is what Nijhuis says drives the work of making the world habitable into the future.”

14. Yuna Begins A New Chapter In Her Musical Journey. “The award-winning singer-songwriter’s musical journey proves that taking a chance on one’s self and going all in is all you need to realise a faraway dream.”

15. Sharkk Heartt Drops a New Music Video.

16. Mamma Mia! ABBA Is Back After Nearly 40 Years.

17. The Staves: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.

18. How to Grieve for a Very Good Dog. “Sunny was like a handrail along the edge of a thousand-foot cliff. Navigating life’s challenges seemed doable because I knew I could hold on to her if needed. Now the handrail was gone. Trying to understand why I was in such pain, I sought out a few experts, who explained to me what it is about these transitions that makes them so difficult.”

19. Wide Awake at 3 A.M.? Our Readers Offer Advice. On The New York Times.

20. Corvallis-to-the-Sea (C2C) Trail, “The Trail That Links The Willamette Valley and The Pacific Ocean.” Yes, please!

21. 15 Simple Things That Make Highly Sensitive People Happy. This list, for me, is spot on.

22. Why Are We Expected to Love Our Jobs? “For decades, Americans have been told they should love their jobs. But is this a healthy relationship?”

23. 7 Things You Definitely Won’t Need This Year (or ever again) by Courtney Carver on Be More With Less.

24. Coming to Terms With the Legacy of Rick James on The New York Times. “For a new documentary, the director and the star’s daughter examine both his pioneering work and his misogyny, as well as a sexual assault conviction.”

25. Richard Drew on photographing the “Falling Man” on 9/11.

26. Naipoki Returns for Help. In related news, on The New York Times, Reuniting an Orphan Elephant and Her Mom, Perhaps, With DNA and Luck.

27. Roasted Tomatoes recipe. Tis the season where we think to ourselves, “what are we going to do with all these tomatoes?!” A few other recipes I like are for roasted tomato salsa (not sharing one because I can’t find the one that I used last year that was SO good and the one we made yesterday wasn’t it), Sliced Tomato Gratin, Roasted Tomato Basil Soup, and Tomato Jam.

28. The Sneaky Grief of a Pandemic, by Amy McCracken, one of my favorite writers and humans.

29. Miniature Paper Plants by Raya Sader Bujana.

30. Is Your ‘Go Bag’ Ready? on The New York Times. “Climate-related emergencies like hurricanes, fires and floods are becoming more frequent. Here’s how to prepare whether you need to evacuate or hunker down.”

31. Worried About Breakthrough Infections? Here’s How to Navigate This Phase of the Pandemic. on The New York Times.

32. The chronic stress survival guide: how to live with the anxiety and grief you can’t escape. In related news, 6 Tips For Coping With COVID Anxiety This Fall And Winter, and The crises won’t stop coming. Radical acceptance is the key to coping, and These Are the Best Exercises for Anxiety and Depression.

33. I Was Euphoric in June. Look Where We Are Now. on The New York Times. “Those first few postvaccination months turned out to be not the conclusion of the pandemic but a brief, debaucherous respite before yet another deadly wave of the virus.”

34. Keeping the Bruised Heart Tender, a contemplation and poem from one of my favorite writers and humans. “I don’t know if we’re at the end of one story or the beginning of another. Or where it ends or where it begins. I’m in the middle of it with everyone else, the muddle of one long unfolding. All I can do is keep my heart tender while I can.”

35. Wisdom from Mark Rothko,In 1958, in an address to a private university, Rothko gave students his ‘art formula.’ He said all great art must contain the following ingredients: a preoccupation with death, an acknowledgement of human sensuality, tension, a healthy dose of irony, wit and playfulness, the element of chance, and a tiny bit of hope, to make the tragedy of life bearable.”

36. Good Life Project Podcast: Rev. angel Kyodo williams | A Path to Collective Liberation.


3 thoughts on “Something Good

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      You are so welcome. And I know what you mean about the photo. I’ve never been able to watch any of the various documentaries about 9/11 — it still feels too soon, even after 20 years.

      1. Rita Ott Ramstad

        I haven’t watched them, either. Don’t think I’ll be watching any of the ones that will eventually be made about Covid, either. Or January 6 for that matter. Some things I can’t have an intellectual curiosity about.

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