Daily Archives: August 16, 2021

Something Good

1. Just two beautiful, joyful boys in suits dancing to “Stayin Alive” by the Bee Gees. I will admit, I’ve watched this video at least thirty times, and have it saved so I can watch it again whenever I want because it makes me happy.

2. Now Going Viral: Meeting Online Friends in Real Life on The New York Times. “Marissa Meizz became a TikTok meme after her friends excluded her from a birthday party. She decided to do something about it.”

3. Large New Embroidered Textile Moths and Cicadas by Yumi Okita.

4. Ducks, Otters, and Other Wildlife Plunge into Water in Intricate Split-View Embroideries.

5. Without drawing, I’m not sure who I would be. “At the risk of sounding a teensy bit overdramatic: Without drawing, I’m not sure who I would be, where I would be, or how on earth I would cope with life and everything that comes with it. Here’s why I do it.”

6. Body Positive Books That Don’t Feed Into Diet Culture or Toxic Eating Habits.

7. The 40-Hour Work Week Is, in Fact, Life on The New York Times. “There is no magical way to earn a full-time salary without working full-time.” Roxane Gay offers advice in a column about the office, money, careers and work-life balance.

8. Snopes Retracts 60 Articles Plagiarized by Co-Founder: ‘Our Staff Are Gutted’ on The New York Times. “The fact-checking site has banned David Mikkelson, who owns half the company, from writing articles after a BuzzFeed News investigation prompted an internal review.”

9. A Graceful End, “A community document providing resources for navigating elder care and end-of-life issues, compiled by Patti Digh and others in her community.” (Google Doc)

10. Inside Louis C.K.’s Gross, Unapologetic ‘Comeback’ Show at Madison Square Garden.

11. This woman has gone viral on TikTok after her husband filmed her hilarious reactions to being constantly scared by him. (video)

12. Netflix’s ‘Pray Away’ reminds me how hard it is to forgive homophobia.

13. How do narcissists control you? 5 techniques they use to Manipulate you.

14. Why Highly Sensitive People May Need More Sleep Than Others.

15. 15 Signs You’re an Introvert With High-Functioning Anxiety.

16. How I Made Peace With My Plus Sized Body in The War Against Obesity.

17. Grief is Healing in Motion.

18. The Kids of Camp I Am, a Decade Later on The New York Times. “Fourteen years ago, the mother of a gender-nonconforming son organized a “summer camp” of sorts, where her child and others like him could wear frilly pastel nightgowns and tend to their My Little Ponies together. Three other families showed up that first summer, but the camp grew quickly. It was called Camp I Am. In 2008, the photographer Lindsay Morris took her son there and began taking pictures of some of his fellow campers. More than a decade later, she asked many of them to be photographed again as they enter adulthood.”

19. Colorfully Decorative Storefronts Reveal the Story of Paris.

20. How to find meaning after loss. (video) “You may be familiar with the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. After decades of research and his own experience with tragic loss, grief expert David Kessler ventured beyond that classic framework and sought a sixth, crucial stage: meaning. He shares practical wisdom and strategies for anyone seeking to honor a loved one’s memory and move through life in light of personal loss.”

21. Unpacking Diet Culture to Simplify Your Life by Courtney Carver on Be More With Less.

22. Saying I Do, And Saying Farewell. “Eleven days after marrying the love of my life, I stared at his lifeless body and said goodbye.”

23. 7 Accessible Ways To Build Resilience In The Storm. “We must build resilience to equip us for the storms of life. Every one of us will experience stress, loss, or hard life circumstances in varying degrees. This post offers 7 ways to build resilience in the storm.”

24. 17 Wonderful Wordless Picture Books Everyone Can Love.

25. How to survive another COVID-19 surge without losing your shit. In related news, How To Deal With Renewed COVID Anxiety.

26. Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers.

27. Tyler Tippett tries foods he was afraid of as a kid. (video)

28. In Conversation with Poet Andrea Gibson, “about identity, gender, and what it means to create art.”

29. Making a difference (making a point) from Seth Godin.

30. Floating Micro-Origami that Magically Unfolds in Water. (video) “Watch as these tiny folded structures slowly unfold while floating on the water. It’s all about surface tension and capillary action. The shadows are cool to watch as well.”

31. “How do I get people to stop dieting or being fatphobic?” | Ask Lindley.

32. The Rise of the Weird Spotify Playlist.

33. Your Own Harriet. “The tremendous power of life choice representation.”

34. What to do with your feelings from Austin Kleon.

35. Here’s how to donate to Haiti relief efforts on The New York Times. In related news, How to help Haiti earthquake victims.