Gratitude Friday

1. I got my COVID-19 vaccine! Added bonus: Eric also got his. The place we got it was a drive thru distribution center, super fast and super efficient, and they automatically scheduled our second shots. I still have concerns about the variants, don’t feel the complete sense of relief that some people say they got with the shot, but I’m so grateful for a chance. It also means I met one of my pandemic goals: to not get COVID-19 before a vaccine was available.

2. Comfort. A hot cup of coffee while I write, reading, listening to podcasts, practicing with my writing sangha, down blankets and pillows, my infrared heating pad, the sauna, a warm shower, laundry, grocery pickup, clean sheets, warm berry pie, that corner of the couch.

3. Practice. I’m so glad that I had that foundation cultivated long before this year, that I had that support, that comfort, that way to work with all of it.

4. Morning walks. In particular the owls and that blue everything is when it’s just getting light but before the sun comes up.

5. My tiny house, my tiny family, my tiny life. I’ve said for a long time that what I want is a life that is small, but deep and wide. That’s exactly what I have, and I’m so grateful.

Bonus joy: Zooming with Chloe’, hanging out and writing with Calyx, texting with my mom and brother, sitting in the sauna with Eric, getting in the pool, getting a massage, writing with Natalie Goldberg, good TV, good podcasts, good books, emergency vets, online shopping, markers and crayons and watercolors, glue stick, plants, things that are soft, having a washer and dryer in my house, daffodils, compost, birds in the feeder, the promise of another spring and another garden, musicians and poets, dogs — all the dogs, gortex, the ocean, sunshine, bird song, naps, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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