Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. To be honest, I didn’t go on any this week. We got snow and it was cold and Eric is on a break from work, so he and Ringo went running every morning. However, this morning when I was coming back from picking up groceries, the sunrise over the river was so pretty that I turned around and parked by the trail to get some pictures. Just as I was walking back to my car, Eric and Ringo came running towards me on the trail, so I got to say “hi” and walk with them a little bit.

2. A whole new year. I really really want it to be better than this one, but I also accept that even this could have been worse and there was so much to be grateful for, still.

3. Practice. I was thinking the other day how all my practices — writing, meditation, yoga, and even dog — all intended for me to meet myself where I’m at, to be with what is arising in this very moment, and that by being gentle and open, I am my truest and strongest self. May it be of benefit.

4. People doing their jobs, keeping it all going. Last night around 6 pm, a water main broke on our block. The utilities company had people there right away, and they stayed ALL NIGHT working to fix the problem, in the cold and wet and dirt, and they had it all done and cleaned up and working again by 7 am. What a miracle that we have access to clean water, that there are those who understand how to make that system work, and when something breaks down, they are right there working on it until it’s fixed — in this case while we did nothing but watch and sleep. People every day making sure we have access to food and vaccines and electricity, keeping the rest of us safe and cared for and comfortable. We are so lucky.

6. My tiny family, our little house. This week was sweet and quiet and wonderful.

Bonus joy: books, music, TV, movies, podcasts, clementines, getting in the pool, sitting in the sauna with Eric, our Christmas tree lights, naps, hanging out and writing with Mikalina, tea with Chloe’, texting good wishes to people I love, Christmas cards, pay day, having all the laundry done and put away, snow, tiny birds at my feeders (I have two now), down blankets and pillows, texting with my mom and brother and nieces, reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. carol kirkland

    I want to thank you for all your time and effort you put into postings-many days it keeps me going when I just want to hide in my closet.


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