Gratitude Friday

Tried to take a picture of all three of us in front of the tree. This is the best we could do.

1. Merry everything, happy always! I am so grateful we got this far and are healthy, happy, and safe.

2. Mabel Magazine, Issue #5. It really is the best one yet, and I’m so glad that Liz and Stefanie reached out and asked me to submit — I really wanted to, but hadn’t managed the effort on my own (burnout is brutal!), couldn’t land on what to write when the theme was “living in the now,” but with their encouragement I was able to put something together, and I’m so happy to be sharing space on these pages.

3. Exchanging gifts with Eric. He always gets me the best presents, some things I wanted, asked for, and then some I would have never even thought of but are perfect. He’s so cute on Christmas morning, just like a kid, can’t wait to open his presents.

4. Morning walks. The darkest part of the year, but also so pretty out — cold, quiet, and the best sunrises.

5. Christmas cards and other good mail. I have the sweetest, kindest friends and family. One of these years, I’ll send out some cards. Probably. Maybe…?

Bonus Joy: watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, early mornings when it’s still dark but the Christmas lights are on, texting with everyone I miss and haven’t seen it WAY TOO long, all the people who worked so hard so the rest of us could stay home and safe (in particular, the people working at the grocery store and those putting together and delivering packages), all the first responders and medical professionals and those who worked on the vaccines, writing and hanging out with Mikalina, texts from Chloe’ that include cute pictures and videos, videos and pictures of Lia, having shopped early so most everything got where it was supposed to go on time, clementines, being done with all the cooking in time to take a shower and a nap before eating it, the ease of a day like today, Eric being off work so he can spend more time resting and with me, cheddar cayenne biscuits, audiobooks and podcasts, the sticker on my laptop that reminds me “it’s ok,” knowing it’s okay to rest, all the new books, meditating in the morning in front of the Christmas tree, writing while drinking a hot cup of coffee in front of my HappyLight, a warm shower, clean sheets, dental floss, bird feeders, naps, reading in bed at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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