Gratitude Friday

1. Christmas season. We put our tree up. We had to put it in a different spot because of the new layout of our living room — Sam’s couch is in the spot where we used to put the tree. I got out ALL the things I have for Christmas and decorated. I got a poinsettia to have on my “desk” (i.e. the dining room table). I’ve been meditating in front of our lit up tree in the morning and putting tiny marshmallows in my coffee, and today it’s snowing! The slowed down, lit up mood of this season is typically lovely, and this year seems essential.

2. Practice. Still keeping me here, saving me, allowing space for all the hard things while allowing room also for the joy.

3. Shopping and giving online. Yes there are all kinds of things about online commerce that are problematic, but this year it made my holiday gift giving so much less risky, allowing me to shop from home and ship directly (while others put themselves at risk so I could stay home). I’m also glad that I can safely and easily send money online to food banks, as well as other people and places who need extra support right now.

4. Good food. For me, this is the season of soup, good bread and biscuits, clementines, honey roasted peanuts, roasted sweet potatoes, and pie.

5. Morning walks. We’ve been leaving a bit later so we’d still see the sun rise. The sky in Colorado is especially beautiful in the winter.

6. My tiny family. Right now it feels okay to just have one dog, just Ringo (who isn’t “just” anything). The season is making me miss Sam — his 11th birthday was/would have been yesterday and he won’t be with us for Christmas — and that doesn’t really leave room for a “new to us” dog. I am really really looking forward to Eric getting some time off work for the holidays, to get to spend more time together, for him to get to rest, take it easy for a bit.

2 thoughts on “Gratitude Friday

  1. Writer McWriterson

    I’ve “just” found you, which is silly to say because I found you from Rita’s blog and I have known Rita for years. I am so glad I found your blog in 2020. Then I can say something good happened in 2020. 🙂


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