Daily Archives: October 23, 2020

Gratitude Friday

1. Morning walks. It’s official. The last walk we took this week I have no pictures because it was dark the entire time. The first walk we took, we left a half hour later than usual and there was just enough light towards the end that I got some pictures, mostly likely the last set of true fall pictures because we are supposed to get snow this weekend and the wind has blown most of the leaves off the trees. We saw deer on all our walks, a beaver on one and two baby raccoons on another, which were all very exciting for Ringo.

2. All the people working so hard to put out the fires that are burning. This could apply to so much right now, but in particular those fighting the massive fires here in Colorado and those supporting them as well as all the people and animals having to evacuate. May the forecasted snow and cooler weather help. May everyone, animals and humans, get somewhere safe.

3. All the things helping me keep it together. This moment in time is fraught and there are so many things to make me feel scared, sad, tired. I am so grateful for all the things supporting me, comforting me, some of which are: the pool, the sauna, massage, good food, good podcasts, good books, good TV, naps, texting with friends and family, hugging Eric, cuddling and playing with Ringo, practice.

Ringo’s play strategy is first get the toy and casually drop it in front of the person, acting like he doesn’t even care. If this doesn’t work, stare intently at said person. If this still doesn’t work, start making direct demands to “play with me!”

4. Babies. There are two new ones in our family, and as I was shopping online for something to send to welcome them, I felt a particular gratitude for the way they represent a possible future, for the potential they represent, not to mention how stinking cute they are.

5. My tiny family. The kitchen counter love notes Eric leaves (that inspired a friend to try leaving some of his own), the chocolate cake he made me, hugging him, how the cold weather makes Ringo more willing to cuddle, that we are together and safe.