Something Good

Image by Eric

1. How Do You Want to Die? “It’s a confronting question—one that a growing number of female founders in the $20 billion death care industry are asking. From biodegradable coffins to death doulas and online platforms that allow you to craft your last Tweet, these are the women revolutionizing the end of our lives.”

2. Staying Focused with a Simple Method on Zen Habits.

3. 58 Body Positive Journal Prompts. “Dig deep into the hows and whys of improving your body image with these thoughtful writing, journaling and meditation prompts.”

4. Spreading like Wildflowers from Seth Godin.

5. AnonyMouse Wedges Miniature Shops and Restaurants Built For Mice into Busy City Streets.

6. Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA & Good Humor Partner to Create a New Ice Cream Truck Jingle.

7. Disruption As A Practice: The Responsibility of Yoga Teachers in Dismantling White Supremacy.

8. 20 Questions for 2020 with Kamala Harris. (video)

9. Choreographer Kathryn Burns Finds the Funny in Dance on Great Big Story. (video) “Kathryn Burns dreamed of becoming a Rockette. She auditioned for years and was an alternate, but never got hired. Finally, she gave up. This sounds like a sad story, but believe us, it isn’t. Radio City Music Hall’s loss is our gain. Today, Burns has become Hollywood’s go-to for comedy choreography, and has worked on over 150 episodes of television, including ‘Key & Peele’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,’ as well as other major projects, including Pharrell Williams’s ‘Happy’ music video. This is how she finds the funny in dance.”

10. Woman Brought To Tears When 4-Year-Old Girl Yells “Black Lives Matter!” To Her In Home Depot— And Now They’re Pals.

11. How Should I Cover My Face? A Deeper Look Into Neck Gaiters And Face Shields.

12. After AG Meeting, Ben Crump Expects ‘Charges Will Be Filed’ Against Breonna Taylor’s Killers.

13. Trump Ads Attack Biden Through Deceptive Editing and Hyperbole on The New York Times. “We reviewed all of the Trump campaign’s television ads since June. Two-thirds contained clearly misleading claims or videos.” In related news, The Post Office Is Deactivating Mail Sorting Machines Ahead of the Election and ‘Just Comes Out and Says It’: Trump Declares Postal Service Can’t Handle Mail-In Voting Because He’s Blocking Funding.

14. Artist Reveals What Fonts Were Used To Design Famous Logos.

15. People Are Sharing “Do’s And Don’t’s” From 1918-1920 During The Spanish Flu, It Shows How History Repeats Itself.

16. People Post Photos Of Black Women From Fantasy Photoshoots And The Images Are Stunning.

17. Recipe I need to try: Sweet Potato Biscuits With Honey Butter.

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