Gratitude Friday

1. Home sweet home. The longer we live here, the more I love it. This week a picture of our front garden from last year showed up in my memories, and I was amazed how much it’s changed in just one year. Gardening teaches you so much about patience, about not giving up.

2. Practice. I haven’t been doing as much yoga lately. I think that’s linked to the grief I’m feeling about not teaching. I need to be patient and see how that practice might arise again, what new intention is there to discover. In the meantime, there is writing and meditation and dog.
3. Our garden. So much is blooming. The watermelons are getting bigger and a few tomatoes have turned red and we ate the first of the broccoli. Our cucumbers have slowed down a bit but that’s okay because I was having trouble keeping up with them. We had a minor tragedy this week when I realized blister beetles (over 100 of them!) had almost completely eaten my 15 year old clematis that usually is lush and green, covering the full section of wall on the back corner of the house. We got it under control, and I think the clematis will make it, and the rest of our garden is so far safe.

4. Pie. Eric makes a mean pie, even uses the outside grill so he doesn’t heat up the house, and I am happy to eat what he makes. This week it was peach.

5. Morning walks. We saw a beaver this morning, and a sickly racoon that caused us to reroute. There aren’t too many mosquitoes if we stay clear of a few of the hot spots, so we still got to see the river, and the SKY.

Can you see the beaver?


6. My tiny family. Ringo seems to finally, finally be over his wonky belly — fingers and paws crossed it sticks. A few times this week it was too hot to do family yard time, so we did couch time instead.

Bonus joy: peaches, a big glass of cool clean water, Beyond Burger, laundry done and put away, working in the garden with Eric, playing and cuddling and singing with Ringo, magic mail from Mikalina, going to the pool, catching up with Janice, hanging out with Mikalina, seeing Teri, texting with my mom and brother, puppies, reading, good books, good podcasts, good TV (Love on the Spectrum on Netflix is really sweet), reading in bed at night while Eric and Ringo sleep.

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