Something Good


1. My writing day. “Authors and writers describe their typical writing day in this regular Saturday Review series.”

2. Letting Go of “Health-ism” and Related Panic from Isabel Foxen Duke. This is so important.

People steadfastly cling to the belief that they can make themselves “pure” or even immortal (outsmarting death, disease, etc.) by making “correct” food choices—spending hours studying the literature, listening to gurus, or trying to find the golden key.

This idea that we can outsmart death and disease—that we can effectively prevent “bad things” from happening to us if we make the “right” food choices—is particularly interesting, considering how incredibly faith-based, and un-scientific, this sentiment really is.

Food doesn’t even come close to the top of the list of things that will likely kill me or anyone else—genetics, environment, age, and various factors outside of my control are far better predictors of illness or death—yet we cling desperately to the delusion that food is the primary determinant of our fate, frantically trying to “play God” through our food choices.

3. ‘Attention Is the Beginning of Devotion’, “The late poet Mary Oliver warned against looking without noticing. In an age of distraction, her work is more urgent than ever.”

4. Wisdom from Andréa Ranae: “We are not powerless. Your identities, your experiences, the histories you’ve inherited in culture and body, your gifts and skills, your vision, your communities, your will, the resources you have access to…. these are all sites of power – abundant wells for you to tap into and use to consciously cultivate the world that y(our) descendants will inherit from all of us. You cannot control the world around you (thank goodness), but you can decide how you’re going to use the power that you do have.”

5. Why Introverts Won’t Survive Without Self-Care.

6. Morehouse College Graduates’ Student Loans to Be Paid Off by Billionaire on The New York Times.

7. The anti-gay extremist behind America’s fiercely strict abortion bans. In related news, Republicans, Men and Christians Aren’t Trying to Ban Abortions. White People Are.

8. Motivational Speaker Tony Robbins Accused of Verbal Abuse and Sexual Misconduct. Is anyone really surprised?

9. Guatemalan Toddler Apprehended At U.S. Border Dies After Weeks In Hospital.

10. Grumpy Cat, Internet Celebrity With a Piercing Look of Contempt, Is Dead at 7 on The New York Times.

11. A new report shows how racism and bias deny black girls their childhoods.

12. Farmers Remain Silent at Auction So This Young Man Can Buy His Family Farm Back.

13. Tim Conway, Who Relished The Role Of Comedic Co-Star, Dies At 85.

14. Keuka College Commencement Speech “from the future.” (video)

15. Malaysian school kids trying to hula hoop. (video)

16. Mom, a sweet video about a dog looking for a mom.

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