Something Good

Icy morning river, image by Eric

1. 25 YA Books to Add to Your 2018 TBR List Right Now. And if you need more suggestions about what to read, here’s Roxane Gay’s comprehensive list, My 2017 Reading List. And, in other but still related news, 35 Literary Adaptations to Look Forward to in 2018.

2. Recipes I want to try: Rachel Roddy’s four bean-based recipes and Everyday Chocolate Cake.

3. 6 Ways My Parents Unintentionally Taught Me Disordered Eating.

4. CNN Debuts American Woman Documentary Series … Which Has the Same Name, Theme and Aesthetic as a Series Already Created by a Black Woman. Can we STOP doing this, please? Watch this short episode of the REAL American Woman series, an interview with Tarana Burke.

5. Black writer says he was nearly shot by police while shopping for conditioner. Speaking of things we need to STOP doing…

6. Watch grown-ish, a spin off of the brilliant black-ish. It’s also available on Hulu.

7. Photographer Reveals The “Addicted” Side Of The Streets Of Philadelphia.

8. Social Media Has Its Pitfalls But You Can Use It For Positive Change—Here’s How.

9. How To Do An Annual Review: 10 Questions. These are always presented as something to do at year’s end, but I think prompts like these are useful any time you are feeling stuck or confused.

10. Beyond the Food Podcast, Episode 109, The OTHER Reason Why We Overeat and Binge with Isabel Foxen Duke.

11. All the Weird Thoughts an Introvert Has After Socializing. #1 is so me. In related introvert news, Help for Introverts Who Are Struggling With Depression and 4 Ways for Introverts to Make 2018 Their Best Year Yet.

12. I Love You So Much Podcast Ep. 24, Austin Kleon on unlocking creativity; Nils Juul-Hansen on ‘Hygge.’

13. Good things from Karen Walrond’s This Was a Good Week list: 14 Ways To Make Journaling One Of The Best Things You Do In 2018, and Pad and i: 7. I’d like to make a toast, and 5 Ways to Be Kind Right Now.

14. Your theory from Seth Godin.

15. Dear life from Marc Johns.

16. Sick Little Lamb Falls In Love With A Rescue Cat. (video) In related news, Rescuing a family of dogs. (video)

17. UniLid. “Universal lid that fits all shapes and sizes with food tracking. The perfect, eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap.” I need this! Apparently, so do a lot of other people — they set a $5000 goal, and it’s close to $500,000 with three days left in the campaign.

18. Turns out, Ringo Blue is part penguin. (video)

19. How to Deal With Failure, Rejection, or Public Humiliation, another great article from Kirsten Akens. “Very few people will turn a crummy Yelp review into a work project, but writer Alexandra Franzen has done just that with her new book, You’re Going to Survive.”

20. Roxane Gay on setting boundaries and saying “no.” (video) Why yes, Roxane Gay IS one of my favorite humans — why do you ask? 😉

21. Living Simply in 20 Square Meters. (video)

2 thoughts on “Something Good

  1. Cynthia Lee

    I always open up your links in tabs and then close this one down which means I don’t come back to comment and tell you thank you … gonna change that today …

    Thank you for the everyday chocolate cake recipe. I’ve been feeling the need for something simple and sweet that can be a ritual, a memory, a link to this home. I think this may be it. And for the books lists. always love having good book lists.


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