Something Good

Another great cartoon from Sarah Andersen. Happy New Year!

1. Roxane Gay has an advice column!!! Ask Roxane: Is It Too Late to Follow My Dreams?

2. 7 Ways to Celebrate World Introvert Day, a Holiday That Won’t Exhaust You.

3. Make New Year’s Resolutions That Create A Revolution. “Instead of just another destined-to-fail New Year’s Resolution, we have the chance to create a New Year’s Revolution.”

4. 21 Most Anticipated Films By and About Women of 2018. In related news, 46 Books By Women of Color to Read in 2018.

5. Six Books Non-Black People Should Read in 2018: An American Reading List.

6. Wounded Knee Survivors Run. “Since 2013, the Wounded Knee Survivor Runners have retraced the footsteps of those who survived the massacre and fled in blizzard conditions, on foot, with whatever clothes and coverings they had to run, walk, hide, travelling under the cover of night, almost 200 miles in dangerous freezing temps.” If you don’t know what happened at the Wounded Knee Massacre, please please please Google it and educate yourself.

7. Photographer Reveals What Hides Under Tattooed People’s Everyday Clothes.

8. Bhutan Street Fashion is a window into the soul of this Himalayan kingdom. Meet the blogger bringing bhutan’s street fashion to the world. (video)

9. Do yoga with your dog they say. It’ll be fun they say. (video)

10. In Fire-Scarred Bronx Neighborhood, a World of New Arrivals, Children and Community on The New York Times.

11. Women playwrights and actors came together to create this incredible, feminist web series. (video)

12. This.

13. A community-organized archaeological dig saved this historic Brooklyn settlement, founded by a former slave. (video)

14. Trump’s Most Racist Moments of 2017. (video)

15. Dogs say the darndest things. (video)

16. Erica Garner: ‘I’m in This Fight Forever.’ In related news, We Broke Erica Garner’s Heart.

17. 2017: The Year Liberal White People Reminded Us That They’re White, Too.

18. Recipe I want to try: Spicy Crispy Chicken.

19. Dakota 38 Documentary. (video) “On December 26, 1862 President Lincoln authorized the largest mass hanging of our relatives. 38 warriors and 2 chiefs (next day), made their journey, so today we remember this day.”

20. This Little Girl Is All Of Us. (video) #hotmess

21. This is the moment Isaiah Holmes, a man with special needs, has all his Christmas wishes come true after receiving a letter from Santa. (video) **Spoiler alert**: baby cows.

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