Gratitude Friday

1. Flowers in the bathroom. This week’s bunch might just be my favorite.

2. Dumb luck. Today I left my purse in an unsafe situation, not really meaning too but getting distracted, and when I realized what I’d done — a full hour later — there it sat, safe and sound.

3. A lovebomb I planted almost nine months ago still lingering, the edges curled and the colors water stained, but still there, still wishing.

4. Kitchen counter love notes. One of the best things about going back to work.

5. Morning walks with my tiny family.

Bonus joy: Friday, water aerobics, a heating pad, clean sheets, the deer and the baby cow we saw on our walk this morning, watermelon, peaches, how green everything is because of all the rain even though it’s the end of summer and should be turning brown, lunch with friends, texting, Instagram, Pilates, teaching yoga, going to bed super early, the Chill station on satellite radio, being able to afford a rental car while mine is in the shop getting some body work done, which leads to being grateful for good insurance, people who care enough to try and to risk doing it wrong and who keep showing up anyway.

I'd love to hear what you think, kind and gentle reader.

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