Three Truths and One Wish


1. Truth: If you look long and close at just about anything, you will see how precious it is. In fact, I’ve heard various teachers suggest that love is nothing more than attention, that to give your full and focused attention to something or someone is how you love it. The Zen priest and poet John Tarrant Roshi said, “Attention is the most basic form of love. Through it we bless and are blessed.”

2. Truth: Today is my birthday. I’m 48 years old. I’m so grateful, so blessed by my life and so lucky to get to keep on living it, and yet I’m having a hard time understanding how that happened — how did I get to be 48 years old? How did all those years fly by so fast?

3. Truth: I’m curious what my 48th year will be like. I have some plans, could make some guesses about what might happen and how it will turn out, but in the end I have no idea, no way of knowing. For now, I’m keeping myself open to whatever might arise, practicing curiosity and patience.

One wish: That every year lived is welcomed with curiosity, remembered with gratitude, and spent giving attention to what is precious.

12 thoughts on “Three Truths and One Wish

  1. Melissa

    Happy Birthday~ may your day be full of love and grace and a few giggles for the soul. I read your blog every day and it inspires me, moves me and helps me to pay attention to the kindness I need to give myself and all those I love. I often forward to my 15 yr old daughter who aspires to be a writer as her profession. Many blessings to you and please keep blessing us with your authentic voice.

  2. barbranostay

    Happy Birthday, Jill! And, thank you for sharing who you are so generously everyday with those of us who follow your blog.. Reading it as regularly as I do, never fails to remind me that underneath our physical and situational differences, we all struggle with the same stuff. Life does seem to “speed up” as we get older, It’s that “mortality thing “again ! C’est la vie! Have a wonderful day and remember that you are loved by many of your readers.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Thank you so much, for the wish and the kind words. I’m so grateful and slightly amazed that I have such kind and gentle readers, that they keep coming back and are so supportive. ❤


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