#AugustMoon15: Day Three

gloomyaugustmoonI have to go back to work at CSU today. I admit, I’m feeling a bit gloomy about that. There’s so much I’d rather be doing — working on my book(s), putting together my ecourse(s), reading, practicing yoga, putting together a workshop, working in my garden, writing some pieces to submit, shopping for a birthday present for my niece, cleaning out my garage, painting my house, cooking, putting away the laundry, meditating, going on a long walk, taking a nap. There’s work and a full life to be had that doesn’t include CSU. And yet, off to work I go, trying not too be too gloomy about it.

3 thoughts on “#AugustMoon15: Day Three

  1. Lucille in CT

    I feel like this fairly often. Note: I do like my job, and I like (most of) the people I work with. And I’m good at what I do. And Lord knows I need to work, so thank goodness I actually have this job! But I so enjoy being home—-being in the sun, open windows (I work in a cubicle far from the windows), eating when I’d like, reading, writing, talking with my son, taking short drives, etc— when I am not working (like the 18 random days I was on vacation this summer, sprinkled throughout the months of June, July, and August), I have to discipline myself to NOT keep thinking about how fast the day is going and how much I wish I could do this every day, and oh, why can’t I be independently wealthy or whatever? Ha ha….. Such a struggle to be present.

    I hope the gloominess didn’t last all day for you!


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