#AugustMoon15: Day Two

augustmoonafraidYou might not know this about me but I can be very superstitious. One thing I’m superstitious about is speaking my fears out loud. I feel like naming them in that way calls them to me, makes the bad thing more likely to manifest, gives it energy and power it didn’t have before. This is true of something as minor as being worried about being late to the biggest bad thing. I don’t want to wake it up, invite it, so I don’t speak of it. So, let me tell you what I am afraid of: that if I tell you what I’m afraid of, it will happen.

6 thoughts on “#AugustMoon15: Day Two

  1. Jeanine Arnold

    We all have our fears. While I didn’t think of it as a fear, but it is, I couldn’t read this post without covering up the skull head above it. Sorry just couldn’t look at it. LOL

    1. Alana

      Sorry to scare you! While I had wanted to use original photos for the challenge, the time I had blocked out to take some around my town to add some personal touches was taken over by bad weather and sick children. So instead I chose stock photos that spoke to me when it came to the prompts – and for this prompt it was to choose the photo that made me most uneasy, the way fear does.

  2. Alana

    “So, let me tell you what I am afraid of: that if I tell you what I’m afraid of, it will happen.” – this makes perfect sense to me. 🙂

  3. Cheney

    This makes a lot of sense, and also makes me think of something else – that sometimes it’s very scary to tell people what you want the most, for fear that it will be harder to make happen.


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