Three Truths and One Wish

mebeach1. Truth: This summer hasn’t gone as expected. It got hijacked by illness and injury, the need to set clear boundaries and rest. Taking care of myself, things at work, and our house was where my effort was spent. All the things I’d intended to do didn’t happen, had to wait.

2. Truth: I’ve learned a lot about boundaries and limits. My mind is overly optimistic about what’s possible, and my heart wants to give so much. I’ve had to accept that I can’t go as fast as I’d like to, do everything I want. I also understand that it’s okay, even necessary to tell others what is enough, to tell them no, that they won’t like it but that doesn’t matter if it’s what I need.

3. Truth: This summer shifted my rhythm. I have a sense of all the things that need done, all the stuff I’d like to do, but instead of going on attack, pushing through the day, I ease into it. I consider “what’s next?” in a much gentler way, more easily let go of what’s not going to happen.

Bonus truth: I love my little life, my sweet house and my tiny family. This space, the love, the comfort are home.

One wish: That we can bear witness to all the struggles and need, our own and those of others, and do what we can without doing too much.

2 thoughts on “Three Truths and One Wish

  1. Rita Ott Ramstad

    I am wondering if these particular lessons/challenges are part of the stage of life you (and I) are in. My mind/spirit are so willing to do All The Things, but my body just won’t allow it in the way it once did. Adjusting has been a struggle, but I’m learning to accept it (and the gifts that doing less brings) rather than fight it.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      Yes, this particular stage where our mind and heart are outpacing our body, and yet they too have something to learn from slowing down, the need for rest, the way that the limitations can clarify what’s truly important. Ugh, and still so utterly frustrating. ❤


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