Gratitude Friday

image by Eric

Naked Aspens, image by Eric

1. Winter. It is officially here. There is snow on the ground and it is cold, cold, cold. It makes me want to hibernate, and I love how quiet it gets.

2. Migrating geese. When they fly overhead in large groups, they sound like giant honking bumblebees.

3. Warmth. After teaching yoga, cultivating my inner fire, a warm gooey bagel and writing date with the warmest friend. Later tonight, an interview with a warm-hearted teacher who will give my Buddhist name after I make my formal request to take vows.
4. Teaching yoga. I said to Eric as I was leaving this morning to go teach at Om Ananda, “You know what’s weird? I AM a yoga teacher. Isn’t that weird?” He said, “No. It’s kind of cool.”

5. These two, Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue.
fourleggedBonus joy: snow tires, training with Ringo, snuggling with Sam, laughing with Eric, taking a nap, eating good food that I cooked myself, reading, wool socks and warm slippers, the weekend.

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