Daily Archives: November 7, 2014

Gratitude Friday

1. Sunrise. The color of the sky, the fact of light, the promise of the coming day, the dark lines of the trees.

2. Mary Lambert. I went to see her last night at CSU in the company of a dear friend, and she’s magic. I feel an Open Love Letter coming on.

3. Books. I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s new novel right now (I was ten minutes late to the concert last night because I wanted to read “just one more chapter”), and next up is either Orange is the New Black, or Amy Tan’s latest novel The Valley of Amazement.

4. The Daily Bon, “look for something in your day that makes you smile, post your pic to Instagram with the tag #thedailybon.” It’s like getting to do Gratitude Friday once a day, every day for the whole month of November.

5. Practice, specifically the routine and calming nature of it. Each morning, I get up early, meditate for ten minutes, write for at least 30, and then either go on a long walk with my dogs or to a yoga class. It keeps me sane, gives me a peacefulness I wouldn’t have if I woke up and rushed around immediately, got on my computer or started to work first thing.

pbandjBonus joy: the last of the fall color, the Poudre River, warm french toast with real maple syrup, sweetening my half a cup of morning coffee with a bit of hot cocoa powder, the joy that is possible even when you know the whole truth, music, dog sighs, laughing, good friends who make you soup, browsing a bookstore, being crabby and tender but knowing it will pass, how a hot shower or a nap or a simple meal can shift everything.