Gratitude Friday

1. The colors of fall. I am amazed by them, sad because I know they are temporary, gone so soon, and the sign of a darker, colder time to come.

2. Writing practice. I’ve been looking back through some of my old journals as I start to put together the two books I’m working on. I am so lucky to have that record. I also am realizing that I have been writing these books for years, and if I simply type up what I’ve already written, 75% of the work is done. I am also surprised by my own wisdom, by how much I understood so long ago, in what was just the beginning.

3. Teaching yoga. I showed up to my Wednesday morning class and ended up with a surprise substitute teaching gig. I had absolutely nothing prepared, didn’t know until two minutes before class was scheduled to start that I was the teacher, but it all worked out. I wasn’t nervous and it was a good class.

ringobluefeelingbetter4. Ringo Blue feeling better. Just a week ago, he was so sick. I am so happy to have my healthy puppy back, even feeling grateful for the moments he’s getting himself into trouble.

5. Susan Piver’s Awake in the World talk on the four noble truths of relationships. It was so helpful, she’s so wise and funny. Eric wasn’t able to watch it with me, but I can’t wait to talk to him about it.

Bonus joy: laughing with Eric, the last tomatoes from our garden, Sam getting into bed in the early morning and cuddling with me, PicMonkey, good ideas.


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