Gratitude Friday

1. A safe and relatively easy trip to Oregon. That’s a lot of hours in the car, but it went really well.

2. Ringo being good in the car, mostly. He had trouble when we got too close to cars going in the opposite direction, wanted to herd and yell at them, and by the time we got to the hotel the first day after 10 hours in the car, he was ready to lose his mind he wanted to run and go crazy so bad, but other than that, he did so good.

"Are we there yet?"

“Are we there yet?”

3. An awesome backyard at Eric’s parents’ house where the dogs can run and play. After two days in the car, they needed it so bad.

redmondbackyard024. The best hotel ever, Eric’s parents’ place. A big yard for the dogs, lots of quiet space, HGTV, chocolate cake for dessert and pancakes for breakfast.

5. Feeling like we are on vacation. Oh boy, did I ever need this.

Bonus Joy: Not having to get back in the car right away, but knowing that tomorrow we will be at the beach.

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