Gratitude Friday

1. After two days of rain (and thunder and tornado warnings), everything is so green, so lush.

2. My purple irises, gifted to me over the years from various friends as their gardens overflowed, are crazy with blooms, mad with spring.

purpleirises3. Ringo is learning to lounge. After about four mornings in a row of it, before we go on a walk, we have to admit he might be growing up a little.

loungingwithdad5. Sam and Ringo, both healthy and in total like with each other.

ringoandsamcouchBonus Joy(s): Summer vacation.

  • At 11:11 am standing in the kitchen, leaning against the counter listening to Gabrielle Aplin sing “Home” while both dogs eat, Ringo his lunch and Sam a small snack so he doesn’t feel left out. The window over the sink behind me is open and a breeze is blowing in the smell of the lilacs.

  • Sitting on the back step listening to my 27 Powers mix, wearing shorts and a tank top, Ringo playing with his pink dinosaur toy, Sam napping in the sun, and the breeze blowing the smell of the lilacs all over the yard.
  • Ringo smells the treats in my pocket, nudges the spot with his nose, sits and waits for some.
  • Ringo moves out into the sun, at the edge of the patio, butt in the grass, and lounges, watching me write, sniffing at the air when the breeze blows. Sam is next to me in the shade, a single foot stretched into the sun.
  • Watching Ringo roll up a pill bug with his nose and then play with it like it is the tiniest ball in the world.
  • Thinking about Eric and one second later getting a text from him, “How’s it going?”
  • The dogs side by side in the yard, rolling in the grass and making a noise that almost sounds like laughing.
  • How happy Eric gets when he makes me laugh.
  • Feeling content, no where I need to be and nothing to do.
  • After an hour and a half training class, Ringo going crazy and running circles around the back of the car, barking at the carpet.
  • Sam being able to stay home by himself without being crated and being a good boy.
  • How Sam waits to get into bed with us until right before the alarm goes off, how his tail thumps when he thinks you are awake.
  • All the pictures of peonies in my Instagram feed.
  • The sky this morning.

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