Mary Anne Radmacher’s Body Gratitude Practice

This practice is a generous gift from Mary Anne Radmacher, who is featured on today’s Self-Compassion Saturday. For the practice, get comfortable, somewhere quiet and alone, and focus on each part of your body, saying thanks, sharing your gratitude.

mary anne radmacher portrait

Gratitude Bones

Toes: Thank you for lifting me up and helping me peer over fences, tall cupboards and possibilities.

Arches: Thank you for being so high and letting me know what kind of shoes you need to navigate the soil with grace and ease.

Heels: Thank you for being my balancing point and keeping me from going backwards when those unexpected Things are launched at me.

Calves: Oh, for the reach and the stretch. Thank you for working so well to connect and make the whole system run smoothly.

Knees: Great Director of Flexibility and Balance, Thank you. You are my change agent and Recovery Department. Thank you for getting me back up when I fall.

Thighs: Thank you for all the ways you accommodate, for all the shifts and sizes I pace you through and thank you for always standing up for me.

Hips: Thank you for saying yes when I wanted to learn how to throw a hula hoop. Thank you for hauling me around so consistently and for sitting down so gracefully.

Pelvis: Thank you for transitioning me into a different phase of my life. I am grateful for all the things I am learning from you about how to be a woman at this age of my life.

Waist: Thank you for giving me curve. Thank you for helping me bend and stretch. Thank you for centering my belly and joining my digestive system on this learning journey of what is right and what works for me.

Ribs: Thank you for protecting me. For being there for my fragile breathing mechanisms. Thank you for being my shielf.

Breasts: Thank you for being healthy. Thank you for adding line and dimension to my form. Thank you for your proportion to the rest of my being.

Back: Thank you for the strength, durability and resilience you demonstrate after all I ask of you. Thank you for complying with the posture I ask of you and for all the hours of stillness I require of you as a writer.

Shoulder: Thank you for what you bear. Thanks for your willingness to bend and not break. Thank you for allowing me to carry what I have chosen to carry throughout my life. Thank you for helping me bring words to the world.

Elbows: Ah, thank you for helping me work diligently. Thank you for your capacity to clean tough stains out of pans, clothes and my heart.

Arms: Thank you for helping me serve and love others. Thank you for your role in my writing life.

Hands: Thank you for being so small and doing such big things.

Fingers: Thank you for sticking with me even though I’ve placed you in harm’s way time after time. Thank you for the way you dance when I am unable to.

Neck: Thank you for turning. Thank you for letting me rotate to see blessings I might have missed and harm that I’ve been able to miss.

Skull: Thank you for bearing the scars of your abuse with such grace and forgiveness.

Face: Thank you for your smile, your hydrated skin, your eyes that weep willingly for the pain of others and those lips that will deliver a smile to anyone, anywhere, any time.

Voice: Thank you for allowing me to raise up my voice on behalf of my own interests and the interests of others.

Toes to Head: Thank you for managing the pain and difficulty of allergy and joint issues and labels which I will not name but conditions that cause you pain. Thank you for receiving my gratitude and continuing to work with me to do good work in the work. Dear Sweet Body – You are the only one I’ve got and I am spending a lifetime learning how to love and care for you better every day. I love you and I thank you for the good and enduring service you provide me every second of every day.

love, mary anne radmacher – the animating force that breathes within your bones, cells, blood, DNA.

4 thoughts on “Mary Anne Radmacher’s Body Gratitude Practice

  1. annledwards

    Beautiful. I spend so much negative thought and energy around my body. I’m working on a gratitude practice right now. The prompt for today (Sunday)was self-gratitude. I saved this, for some reason, to read until today. Magical serendipity. Gratitude, redirected energy and thought. Thank you.

    1. jillsalahub Post author

      I love how that happened for you! I also love how when we shift to gratitude, looking for what we are thankful for, we are so busy with that, we forget to complain 🙂 Have a wonderful Sunday!


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