Daily Archives: June 14, 2013

Gratitude Friday

1. Avocados. Yup, I’m still obsessed with them, keep finding new ways to eat them, places to add them. They are one of those foods that as a kid I would have said “yuck,” and because of that just trusted I didn’t like them, but at some point tried them as an adult and thought, “what?! why didn’t anyone tell me of this deliciousness?!” The same thing happened with fresh tomatoes from my garden, spinach and brussel sprouts and oatmeal — love them now, hated them then.

2. Peonies. Yes, still. The season is just about over, and I have realized I need to get at least three or four more plants to put in my front yard to even begin to be satisfied next year.


3. A haircut and some highlights. It feels healthier, looks like summer.

4. Sitting in the backyard with Dexter and Sam on a day when it didn’t get to be as hot as predicted. I was feeling anxious and sad about a few things, felt like the world was just way too complicated for me and I needed a time out. Dexter wanted to play and Sam was guarding the yard from invisible squirrels. The birds and the butterflies, the blue sky and clouds, the shade of the trees and the soft green of the grass — I finally felt like I could breathe.


5. The way Dexter came in last night to invite me outside, where Sam and Eric were already, gave me that look, that smile, that wag of the tail, and as soon as I agreed, he ran full speed, making circles around the yard like a mad man, butt tucked and ears back, big smile on his face, just like when he was a puppy.

Bonus Joy: Another week with Dexter. Even as our time together is clearly winding down (he has been having a bloody nose about every three days, sounds a bit stuffed up, and the top of his nose is looking a little swollen), he still does all the things he does with so much joy.