The Truth, Part Two

P.S. Yesterday when I wrote about the truth of my creative process, I left something out. Turns out it wasn’t the whole truth. I told you about the difficulty, the mess and the moodling, but didn’t to say anything about the moments that are easy. There aren’t many of these, so it’s no wonder I didn’t tell you, they are easy to forget amidst the fuss of the rest, but they are there and worth mentioning.

For example, that post, the explanation of my process was easy. I’d sat with my journal after completing the Reader’s Write piece, reflecting on the experience. I didn’t plan it as a blog post, wasn’t thinking I’d share it, was simply contemplating, figuring out what I thought, looking for meaning, working towards understanding by writing it down. It was that reflection, fully formed with only minor edits for clarity and style, that I shared with you, that I typed and published.

So I left that out, kind and gentle reader: sometimes my process is easy. I do something naturally and for myself, no resistance, no pushing or trying, it just happens–easy. Sometimes creating starts out this way, without any struggle. I am grateful for it, but I don’t hope, don’t expect it. Whether it’s difficult or easy, I do the same–show up for the process with an open heart and allow it to happen, invite and accept whatever wants to come.

2 thoughts on “The Truth, Part Two

  1. Christy Johnson

    What more can we ask of ourselves than to show up and be open-hearted? These two elements seem like the perfect antidote to hard; the perfect way to call ease and grace toward us. Thanks for shining your light on your process and your life.


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