Three Truths and One Wish

1. Truth: Trying to be anyone other than who I am won’t make me happy. In some cases, comparison kills–my creativity, my sense of self-worth, my well-being, my sense of direction. To imagine I’d be happier or more loved if I just had that hair or her thighs or drove that car or lived in that house or had that job or lost 20 pounds (again) is a delusion. Nothing I don’t have, nothing I’m not will make me happy if I’m unable to be happy with what already is, as it is right now.

2. Truth: Perfectionism is a form of self-aggression. Trying to be someone I’m not won’t work, but attempting to become a perfect version of myself is just as dangerous. Perfection doesn’t exist, isn’t possible, and isn’t even preferable. Think about it: do you love the people you love because of what they get right (her hair is always perfect, her wardrobe stunning, her house spotless) or for their flaws (how she’s always tripping over everything, his crazy cowlick, how easily she cries, how he can never find his wallet, the way she snorts when she laughs really hard)?

3. Truth: The best I, the best any of us have to offer is exactly who we are, in this very moment. Crazy, confused, uncool freaks. And totally badass. Every one of us a precious, brilliant, stinky mess.

One Wish: That we show up with an open heart, completely and utterly in the moment as we are, fully accepting and embodying this moment, this self. That we are able to relax, be gentle, and let go.

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