August Break: Day Seven

I love Fort Collins, as much as I love Waldport. Lately, on our morning walks, we have been heading out our front door with no real destination in mind. Sometimes we walk, sometimes we run, sometimes we go to the park, sometimes the other park, sometimes to Old Town, and sometimes we walk the neighborhoods closest to us. This morning, I brought my camera with me and took pictures of some of my favorite houses.

little white haired lady ripped out the whole front to make the most amazing and inspiring garden

love the awning the new owners added to the front, we want one like that, a bit bigger and covered in vines

this is exactly what I mean by a bigger, vine covered arbor

always one of my favorites, with a tree house and detached garage in the backyard

house of god, holy family church with mass in spanish, one of my favorites

it’s hard to see in this picture, but there are so many angles and magic spaces in this recently remodeled house by the park

what you don’t know from this picture is how homely this poor house was before someone loved it enough to fix it up–love the porch they added, want one

my favorite “i will never be able to afford it” house, the porch wraps all the way around the side

oh how I love the side gate and the riot of yellow flowers

there are a few of these in town, shaped like barns, and i love them

another one

the sweetest front porch

can’t you just see me sitting there in a rocking chair with a book?

P.S. I suppose it’s pretty clear to you by now that I love older houses with character, wild gardens, and big covered porches. I love my little house, and it is older and wild. Someday it will have the lush gardens and front porch too.

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