Wishcasting Wednesday

from jamie’s post

What do you wish to become?

A kind and gentle person, with a sane mind and open heart. Wholehearted and of benefit to others.

An example of health. Well-fed, well-rested, well cared for and loved, gentle and kind and wise and strong in all things, balanced.

A certified yoga and meditation instructor. These practices have offered me so much, helped and healed me, made me strong and sane, and I would like to be able to share them.

A published author. I’m finally starting to appreciate the wisdom of this not happening for me sooner. I’m so much clearer about what it would mean now–it’s a way in/out, a window, a door, a vehicle, auspicious and shared moments on the path of embodying and manifesting basic goodness.

A person who makes a living from what I’m loving. With no concern for a work/life balance because it’s all just life, it’s workable and enables me to earn what I need and give what I need.

An inspiration and support to others attempting to embody and manifest their basic goodness, an example of what a fully realized, healthy and sane, fearless life looks like. With a brave and open heart, changing things for the better, easing suffering in the world. Completely aware that I am enough and I have enough, life utterly simplified, distilled down to only that which is essential.

A beacon of ease and joy, radiating sanity and comfort, altering the energy of space, softening the environment, shifting the experience of those I encounter to one of peaceful abiding, calm awareness, no matter what the circumstances.

To at all times be the opposite of a shit storm, and instead be a joy bomb, a three ring happy fest, a gentle frenzy of compassion, a one person flash mob of love.

6 thoughts on “Wishcasting Wednesday

  1. lilyweeds

    Jill, What a lovely post of wishes. Blessings to you. As Jill wishes for herself, so I wish for her also. ~diana

  2. Jo Macdonald

    Love this, great wishes. ‘A joy bomb…a one person flash mob of love’ – what an amazing world we would live in if more people were like this! As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also x


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