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Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to create?

I wish to create a wholehearted life in which I practice self-love and self-care, balance work with play and rest, maintain a healthy body with ease, experience an abundance of gratitude and joy, embody love and kindness and sanity, am mindful and connected and open-hearted and brave.

I wish to create art that inspires and heals, that reminds people of basic goodness and helps to ease suffering in the world.

I wish to create resources (books, art, workbooks, webtexts, videos, podcasts, ecourses, classes, workshops, retreats, etc.) that act as a map for others who want to find their way deeper, to sink more fully into their heart and life.

I wish to create space where people can come together and safely explore what it means to live an authentic, wholehearted life, to practice such a thing.

I wish to create a project or a collective that helps advance health and well-being (clean water, food, access to medical care and education, and the cultivation of mindfulness, compassion, and wisdom) in places where this is the least likely, most difficult.

Wishcasting Wednesday

What do you wish to start?

Getting published. I believe in this in a way I never was able to before, and now I need to get organized, approach it with focus and determination. I need to write the first book so that I can start the next one, which is right there waiting, not very patiently. I have done so much writing around these two books that the sense and shape of them, the anticipation, the magic waiting to be born feels at times like it’s choking me, like I can’t breathe. I also wish to write and submit all the smaller things swirling around, shiny and sharp. I have to get them out and let them go.

Taking real care of myself. Getting enough play and rest, spending my creative energy, eating healthy amounts of good foods, doing enough exercise, practicing true self-care and fierce self-love, sinking deep into my practices–being healthy in all the ways I’m currently not well, not strong. Embodying and manifesting my innate wisdom and compassion and power.

Living a wholehearted life, wild and precious. When we were walking down on the bayfront in Newport today, a little girl stopped me and said “Do you want your fortune told? It only costs a dollar.” Her friends had dared her to do it, so I gave her a dollar. She smiled and said “You are going to have a wonderful life,” and ran to catch up with her friends. You know what? I think she’s totally right.