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Wishcasting Wednesday

Today Jamie asks, “What nourishment do you wish for?”

Whole food, clean water. My body wishes to be well-fed, appetite satisfied, tastes and textures savored, health and wellness maintained.

Rest. To be restored, recovered, relaxed.

Love. Friendship, kindness, connection, commitment.

Sun, fresh air, movement. Miles and miles of earth to walk in the company of soft animal bodies, meeting amazement and stillness.


Practice. Writing, yoga, meditation, and dog. All obstacles, every joy, whatever arises, all of it part of the path.

Creative outlets. “Unexpressed creativity is not benign,” Brene’ Brown.

Service. Generosity and compassion, offerings that ease suffering.

Self-compassion. I love you no matter what. I will not abandon you, Sugar.

Breath. In and out, full.

Wishcasting Wednesday

Jamie asks, “what treats do you wish for?”

Listening to Yuna’s new album while I write.
Cuddling with soft animal bodies.
Eating strawberry & rhubarb Noosa with granola, almonds, and raspberries.
Cancelling training and skipping yoga when my body needs a rest.
Walking and writing with Laurie.


picture by Carolyn Eicher

Staying at 27 Powers
Pictures with Andrea.
Considering hungers with Sherry.
Receiving wisdom from Rachel.
Fairyland with Sara and her little family.
Giving gratitude and love.
Making a mess.

Connecting, long conversations about everything and nothing.
A warm shower, clean pjs and sheets.
Working, from where and how I want to, doing what works for me.