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#SmallStone: Day 29


On our walk this morning, even though it had stopped snowing, the air was wet and humid. When I took a picture of the snow covered playground and the moon hanging low above it, the light of the flash reflected off the fog that hung thick in the air. It looked like I’d taken a picture of a ghost, because my naked eyes saw nothing, only clear sky, but my camera had captured something entirely different, thick cold phantom air.

My glasses fogged up so bad, I considered taking them off. But when I tried, I realized that without them I saw even less, things weren’t clearer at all, so I left them on.

#SmallStone: Day 28 (a day late)


Something about this bloom on my Christmas Cactus reminds me of a bird in flight–body arched back, wings spread wide, heart open, head down, moving and yet somehow also entirely still.