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Something Good

1. Woman known online as the Black Forager on finding wild edible plants for meals on CBS Mornings. (video) “Alexis Nikole Nelson, also referred to as the Black Forager, is known for finding wild edible plants in both urban areas and the woods. She then teaches people how to cook and enjoy the ingredients on social media.”

2. John Roedel“Poet. Writer. Comic. Storyteller. Terrible Dancer.” I just discovered his work on Facebook and am in love.

3. Set Against a Backdrop of World Events, Tim Okamura’s Bold Portraits Emanate Commanding Energy.

4. Exquisite mixed-media landscapes and still-lifes by Stev’nn Hall.

5. Keke Palmer Took A Trip Down Memory Lane Of Her Iconic Memes.

6. A classic American concession was first fried in Oregon: the corn dogI was born and raised in Oregon, and I LOVE corndogs (honestly the Morningstar Farms veggie variety are my favorite) — HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS?!

7. How Cinematographer Bianca Cline Breathed Life into Marcel the Shell with Shoes On“The Director of Photography discusses learning life lessons from a 1-inch shell, her inventive blend of stop motion and live action, and the power of possibility.”

8. Recipe I want to try: Corn Pasta Salad. In the summer, what I mostly want to eat is salads, sides, and fresh fruits & veg.

9. Now Is the Time for Highly Sensitive People to Step Up“The world needs more of what of what sensitive people have to offer. Here’s how to provide it—without burning yourself out.”

10. ‘Samurai Jack’ Is Probably the Most Beautiful, Inventive Cartoon EverThis is an older article, but it still rings true.

11. Adorably Emotional Creatures Comprise Nosey Mungo’s Playful Ceramic Menagerie.

12. Is Pilates as Good as Everyone Says? on The New York Times. “The strength and flexibility workout is having a moment. What can — and can’t — it do for us?” I ADORE Pilates equipment workouts, (it helped me heal chronic back pain I’d lived with for 25+ years and thought would never go away). I wish it was more affordable.

13. Let there be roses and pens, cell phones and stones, let there be glasses of water and books about god… from Amy Oscar. “It feels important to bless the world back together today.”

14. What I wish I knew in my twenties (and what I’m still working on in my fifties) from Heather Plett. #same

15. We need to talk about “random acts of kindness” TikTok“There’s an entire niche of mostly white men who perform, film, and post ‘random acts of kindness’ that are performative at best and emotionally damaging at worst. It reeks of white savior complex, and it’s time we talk about it.”

16. Just like life, riding my bike doesn’t always make sense. But that’s why I love it.

17. 7 Eco-Friendly Swaps I Tried And Loved“After years of searching and testing, here are some of my favorite Earth-friendly finds.”

18. Master Fruit Carver Creates Astounding Food Sculptures Too Beautiful To Be Eaten.

19. The art of Yuko Kurihara“Yuko Kurihara’s paintings capture familiar motifs such as cakes, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and sea creatures with a unique sensitivity. Her faithful depictions of these motifs are captivating to viewers with both the vibrant color schemes and the serenity of a Japanese painting,” (from this short interview with the artist from Kaigado Gallery, who hosted her first solo exhibition).

20. “This country isn’t made for us, even though it’s built on our land.” “Sterling HolyWhiteMountain on the first annual James Welch Festival.”

21. Chance, Choice, and the Avocado: The Strange Evolutionary and Creative History of Earth’s Most Nutritious Fruit“How a confused romancer that survived the Ice Age became a tropical sensation and took over the world.”

22. Wisdom from Gordon Lish, “Wear your heart on the page, and people will read to find out how you solved being alive.”

23. I read this quote the other day and can’t stop thinking about it.

24. Three Principles of Practice from Jena Schwartz.

25. What if? from Jo Hanlon-Moores.

26. She let herself go from Gretchen Schmelzer.

27. We’re Screaming About the They/Them Trailer“The forthcoming queer horror film promises to be as thrilling as it is timely.”

28. A Shift in American Family Values Is Fueling Estrangement“However they arrive at estrangement, parents and adult children seem to be looking at the past and present through very different eyes. Estranged parents often tell me that their adult child is rewriting the history of their childhood, accusing them of things they didn’t do, and/or failing to acknowledge the ways in which the parent demonstrated their love and commitment. Adult children frequently say the parent is gaslighting them by not acknowledging the harm they caused or are still causing, failing to respect their boundaries, and/or being unwilling to accept the adult child’s requirements for a healthy relationship.”

29. I tried van life and only lasted 2 months. Here are the 9 most disappointing parts of life on the road.

30. Disappointing photos show what it’s actually like to go on a cruise.

31. Valeria Pichugina on Instagrama Russian watercolor artist and teacher who does beautiful botanical paintings.

32. Family Of Wolves Spotted Near Deschutes And Klamath County Line – OregonPUPPIES!!!