1. Morning walks. After all these years, I have finally figured out routes close to water we can take that aren’t overrun with mosquitoes in the heat of summer, or maybe we don’t have as many this year. Either way, I’ve been loving walking around various ponds and next to parts of the river. There also seem to be WAY more wildflowers this year. In one spot, a deer followed us for a bit. I think she may have been hiding a baby close by and wanted to make sure we kept moving.

2. Peach season. Which also means watermelons and grapes and corn.

3. Honeybees, and how much they love our golden rain trees. At a particular time in the morning, there are so many, the hum of them collecting pollen from the tiny yellow flowers is the most gorgeous golden noise.

4. Naps. There’s a lot of that going on around here lately.

5. My tiny family, tiny life, tiny house. I know neither of us are ready for him to retire, but I sure love it that Eric has summer vacation and can be home more often. He’s my favorite person to hang out with, and when he gets bored, he cleans. 🙂

Bonus joy: being able to cancel everything and sleep all day when I need to, good books (it seems like everything I read lately is so good), watching TV, listening to podcasts, brown noise, Bubbly grapefruit sparkling water, a/c, texting, memory, grocery shopping, clean laundry, clean sheets, down pillows and blankets, meditation, restorative yoga, that video of a bear taking a four hour nap, reading on my Kindle at night while Ringo and Eric sleep.

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