Something Good

1. Forget aging gracefully. Here’s how to age joyfully. “I’ve delved into the research on aging, and pulled out a few insights that can help us think about joyful ways to feel well as we grow older.”

2. Jobs to be done from Seth Godin, which says, among other things, “As soon as you sign up for a social network, it becomes a job to be done.”

3. So You’re Fully Vaccinated —Here Are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Traveling Anywhere.

4. 13 Things to Throw Away Right Now.

5. Good stuff from Austin Kleon: Exhausting dialogue and conversational shortcuts and A quilt made of days.

6. Finding Myself in the Garden on Lion’s Roar. “Valerie Brown returns to gardening to recover her broken spirit, and discovers what really grows in a garden is love.”

7. Luxury Fashion Won’t End Fatphobia. “We can’t simply cloak fatphobia in beautiful fabrics or shop our way out of a widespread, deadly stigma. It’s great that Dunham has begun the baby steps of loving her newly larger body, but we can’t mistake her for the voice of fat liberation.” In related news, The Problem With Lena Dunham’s New Plus-Size Clothing Line Is Lena Dunham.

8. Poetry: Bruce Banner #3 by Kenyatta Rogers, and Nothing Wants to Suffer by Danusha Laméris, and New Address by Camille Dungy.

9. CDC declares racism ’a serious public health threat’. “Rochelle Walensky, the CDC director, said the agency would take steps to address an issue affecting ‘the health of our entire nation.'”

10. Rachel Hollis’ Instagram is The Bad Place. “I wish to have a word with you about Rachel Hollis, toxic positivity, and women as a commodity.”

11. Oregon community raises over 400K to save family-owned amusement park. “As the economy slowly begins to pick up, many businesses are still facing a rocky year ahead. Special correspondent Cat Wise has a story about one family-owned business, an amusement park named Enchanted Forest, that has taken one hit after another but is hanging on with support from the community.”

12. Cute video of kids saying hilarious things.

13. Amber Glenn ice skating to Mary Lambert’s “Body Love.” (video)

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