Wishcasting Wednesday


It’s never too late to take the essence of what you care about and build it, savor it, offer it to the aching world. ~Jennifer Louden

Today, Jamie asks “What of your history do you want to remember?” I wish to remember “her story,” who I am, was and still. A big hearted, joyful and creative person who knows she is loved and safe and of value, who wants to help, wants to enjoy herself but also see others happy, a girl who loves laughing as much as she loves to make others smile.  A girl with strong intuition and a sense of awe and wonder about the world, who loves art and nature. A girl who has always known who she is, even before she could name it, knew what to call it — writer, teacher, healer — with a heart made of moss, mold, mud, and Marionberries, whose blood is half seawater and half ink.

I wish to remember that for ever and always, I have been fundamentally wise and compassionate, that it’s my basic nature, my core humanness, and that this is always there, the only thing that never changes.


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