Other places you can find my work:

Occasionally teaching yoga at Om Ananda Yoga and Old Town Athletic Club, a Hatha Yoga class described as “yoga flow.”

Wisdom Gone Wild classes at Om Ananda Yoga and other venues around Fort Collins, some classes with yoga and some without, all with writing and meditation.

Every One of Us is Called, for Mabel Magazines‘s Issue No. 4 — What’s Next, November 2015.


I showed up. I opened my heart. I stayed. a guest post I wrote for Marianne Elliott’s blog, April 2015.


Something Good on Wanderlust. For a time, I partnered with Wanderlust and then Yoganonymous to share my Something Good list with a larger audience. Each week I created a shorter, specially curated list specially for them — a collection of my favorites from the longer list, links best suited to their audience and mission.


Creative Living with Jamie: Jill Salahub, podcast, July 2014.

Let Go and Come Back for Mabel Magazine, June 2014.


Home Euthanasia: Why it Worked for Me, for Fort Collins Magazine, NOCO Pet Guide, Spring 2014.


Becoming Who We Know We Are, a guest post on Create as Folk, May 2014.


Simplicity in Action: Jill, on Be More With Less, January 2014.


The Way of the Bodhisattva, a guest post for Rachel Cole, December 2013.


25 Women Writers Share Their Best Self-Compassion Tips, a post Dr. Barb Markway wrote for Psychology Today about my Self-Compassion Saturday series, December 2013.


Tender Hearted Warrior, a guest post I wrote for Jamie Ridler’s blog, July 2013. Sadly it didn’t make it when Jamie migrated content to her new website. so I reposted it here. Here’s the post I wrote the day it went up, explaining the background story.


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