#augustbreak2015: reading, sweet delights, real life, & curves

I’ve been sharing all my August Break pictures on Instagram, but haven’t put them all here. Some seemed too boring for a full blog post, are old pictures I’ve posted before or ones I don’t have much to say about, like the picture of clementines from last winter I posted in response to the “citrus” prompt. There were a couple in the past few days, however, that collectively seemed like they warranted a full post.
one of my favorite pictures he ever took of me, and of course I was readingReading. Always my favorite thing, then and still. This is me at about ten years old, reading, most likely annoyed by my dad taking my picture. Right now I’m reading both Sabbath: Finding Rest, Renewal, and Delight in Our Busy Lives and Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time — there’s definitely a theme there.

sweetdelightsSweet delights, for breakfast. Peach and berry season will soon be over, but for now I feast.

reallifeReal life — wherever my dogs are.

curvesCurves. The Buddha who sits on my meditation shrine — I’ve gazed at these curves in contemplation, rest, anger, irritation, grief, despair, confusion, and love, learning both to move and stay still.

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