Joy Jam

It’s Friday, and I am full of all kinds of joy. Heart to heart with a friend, I performed the “Mother of All Releasings Ceremony” last night that I mentioned in my post yesterday. At first, as I was putting together my bundle, I was worried that I had so many releasing wishes, they wouldn’t all fit.

But I restacked them and was able to tie the bundle.

I took it outside and burned it, imagining my friend standing next to me in the cold. As I watched, there were moments when the flame would flare up or flicker especially fast, and I wondered what exactly was releasing. I imagined the wings of the crane I had wrapped them in giving them flight, and the Star of Anise being burnt giving me sight, a clear vision no longer obstructed by grief, attachment, anger, obsession, confusion, fear, or even hope.

Because I had used Star of Anise in my bundle, letting go smelled like licorice.

I feel lighter this morning. Clearer. And content. And joyful.

Here are the three-five things that brought me joy this week, my contribution to the Friday Joy Jam, (click the image to see how to enter yourself in the celebration).

A simple Christmas. It started when Eric and I decided to cut back on how much we did, spent, and gave for Christmas. For each other, and our local family and friends, we either did nothing (i.e. spent time with them, told them we loved and appreciated them, laughed with them), or baked, made something crafty, bought second-hand, or regifted something we already owned, (for example, my mom got a whole box of books that I had already read and loved, and who needed a new home–a gift she will love). I am having SO much fun making Eric’s present, I’m almost going to be sad to have to finish and give it to him. Leo Babauta of wrote a post that inspired me, “The No New Gifts Holiday Challenge.”

Being on vacation. Seriously, I had no idea how badly I really needed this. I guessed it would be good, but it has been heavenly, and this is only day two!

The chance to reflect and resolve. I found so many good ideas and so much support for this practice this year. I am really excited to get started next week, to let go and clear out what I won’t be taking with me into 2012, and to set my intentions for the new year, send out my wishes and invitations to all the good things coming my way, and then let go of even that and just BE.

Dogs eating fruits and vegetables. I know I have mentioned this before, since Sam and I share a banana every morning, and Obi used to do the same, but I have to say again that I can not get enough of this and almost can’t stand how cute it is. Now Dexter is also eating apples, and the joyful crunching, like when they eat carrots, is super cute. This video isn’t one of my dogs, but nicely illustrates my point.

Claire de Lune. This is one of my favorite songs. And I couldn’t decide which of these videos to share, so I’ll give you both. The first pianist isn’t as technically proficient, but she makes up for it in cuteness, (you know she insisted her stuffed kitty be in the video too). I noticed that YouTube has added a feature to all their videos for the holidays, so once you hit play, if you click on the snowflake in the lower right hand toolbar of the video, it will start to snow.

Here’s wishing you more happiness
Than all my words can tell,
Not just alone for Christmas
But for all the year as well.

Wishing you joy not just today, but this holiday season and beyond!

2 thoughts on “Joy Jam

  1. anandi

    I used to share a banana every morning with my beagle Spike, and then somehow it morphed into my daughter eating part of it, and none for Spike. Somehow I’ve got to get him back in the loop 😉


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