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#AugustMoon15: Day 11 & 12


litupfrominsideThese prompts seem to have only one possible answer, and it’s the same: me. And yet, not me exactly. Always have been the brightest star in my sky and lit up from within? — Me, but not who I am rather who I could be, or more exactly not who I think I am but rather who I really am under all the road dust and confusion. The genuine, authentic, actual me.

There’s a suggestion made in Buddhism that enlightenment isn’t something we get, earn, or attain but instead something we remember, relax into, something we already are underneath all the nonsense and noise. We are already enlightened, wise and compassionate beings, we’ve just forgotten, are confused about our true nature. The more I study and practice, the more I see how this might be possible. Maybe all it takes to become that fully realized, bright, lit up version of myself is to accept that is already who I am.