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Gratitude Friday

newroof1. A new roof. The install process uncovered corrosion in our furnace vent, so we also had that replaced — thankfully before it caused any real problems.

pie022. Pie season. This week it was berry and peach. My favorite way to eat peach pie is to mix a slice with some oatmeal and fresh peaches.

garden3. Our garden. We are getting tons of zucchini and kale and lettuce and basil, and the tomatoes and cucumbers are starting to come in.

4. Teaching yoga. I’m subbing some classes for my favorite students this week, and starting in September, I’ll have a regular Tuesday 7 am class at Om Ananda Yoga. My first class after not teaching in a few months was a bit bumpy, but I’m getting the hang of it again now.

5. Ringo Blue and sweet Sam. They drive me crazy sometimes, but I love them like crazy.

ringosplitsbigsouthsamBonus joy: People who are decent and fair and kind and do good work, being able to finally get some of the work done on our house we’ve been putting off for so many years, being able to tag team adulting with Eric, more good tv for when I’m too sore or tired to do anything other than lie on the couch (my latest favorites are Rita, a Danish series, and Velvet, a Spanish series), subtitles for shows in languages I don’t understand, Netflix on my phone, a night splint that will hopefully help with the pain in my heel, the softest set of clean sheets, naps.

Gratitude Friday

oceanview1. We made our reservations for the beach next summer. Six weeks. I feel so grateful that we can pay for such a thing, that we can take the dogs with us, that we have such a good and trustworthy friend who comes and lives in our house while we are gone, that because he’s here we can be go away for that long but still have a garden when we come back.

2. Good food. Fresh pesto made with basil from our garden, a berry pie Eric made, a yummy salad I made with the purple carrots I like so much, and homemade bran muffins with fruit for breakfast. I’m also on my way later to Garden Sweet (our local small farm that keeps a little stand out front) because the rumor is they have Palisade peaches.

goodfood3. Our front garden. Mostly this week, as it turns into a food and flower bearing jungle, I’m grateful that we live somewhere that such a thing isn’t just allowed but appreciated. A guy came over the other day to give us a bid on finally refinishing our hardwood floors, and as he was leaving he told Eric, “just let me know when I can come back and pick those tomatoes.”

4. My dogs. As much as I miss Obi and Dexter, want them back, and call Sam and Ringo by their names sometimes because I think of them so much, I’m happy to have these two boys.

ringotoycollage sweetsamcollage5. Play dates. They are good for the dogs and for me. We have really good friends.

Ringo and Pancho

Ringo and Pancho, who played so hard they also lounged.

Bonus joy: being offered a regular yoga class (Tuesdays at 7 am at Om Ananda starting fall season), teaching yoga to some of my favorite students, signing up for Andrea’s Superhero E-Course Bootcamp (my hope is to come up with a course to offer in the fall or at the start of the new year), really good TV (Moone Boy, Miranda, Hjørdis, Rita, and the documentary Tig), podcasts (some of my current favorites are Mortified and You Made it Weird), pie season, how green everything still is in Colorado in July, being able to email my doctor instead of pay for an office visit, a new roof getting put on Monday, sleep.

Gratitude Friday (on Saturday)

oregoncoloradorhyme1. My two homes. Oregon and Colorado, the way they rhyme, the way my heart can’t choose between them.

2. Visiting family and a few friends. It’s never enough time and I’m always sad to leave, but I’m also glad to be home in Colorado again.

momsmarionberrypie3. Marionberry pie. My mom made me one, and at the 4th of July picnic at my aunt’s house, there were three different kinds — and yes, I tried all three.

4. The beach. I only got to spend part of a day there while I was in Oregon, and it was simultaneously wonderful and heartbreaking.

glenedenbeach045. My tiny family. Oh how I miss them when I’m away.


Practicing “leave it.” Sometimes Sam looks like a giant compared to Ringo.

6. Our garden. I was only gone a week, but it went crazy, so tall and green. We are now getting a few tomatoes and zucchini and the first sunflower bloomed.
Bonus joy: good food, watching movies with my mom, walks and dinners with my mom and dad, my dad’s not cat (he doesn’t have a cat, but he does), seeing my nieces and my brother, aunts and uncles and cousins, a big family dinner, thrift store shopping, a rental car with Colorado plates, a safe trip there and back, a little girl on my flight home whose name is also Jill, being able to be away from home but still take care of myself, bran muffins, fruit, my first tomato of the season, sleeping in my own bed, clean sheets, a smart phone, soaking in the tub, podcasts, stretching, how you can search your situation on the internet and find stories of how other people have worked with it, going home and being home, being lucky enough to have two homes.

Gratitude Friday (on Thursday)

ourgardenjuly1. Our garden. It started with just two raised beds in the backyard that we filled with mostly tomatoes. The next year added a third bed. Then came the year we had to take down the 45 year old Cottonwood tree that had always shaded our front yard and house, which kept us from keeping anything in front but grass and that giant tree because we knew if we planted things that needed shade they would just have to get taken out when the inevitable loss of the tree came, changing the whole environment. When we lost her, we took the opportunity to turn the lawn into a garden. We took out most of the grass, Eric built three more raised beds, we built a berm along the road and filled it with irises and lilies, I put peonies in where the tree stump had been removed, we built strawberry beds, and we planted squash and zucchini and pumpkins in the spaces between. Right now we are getting lettuce, kale, peppers, basil, and strawberries. Zucchini squash and even a few tomatoes are almost ready to pick, and there are a few tiny cucumbers. Our carrots didn’t sprout and I never did find any rhubarb to put in, but there’s new mint and sunflowers to fill in the cracks.

2. Eric’s hiking pictures. After I say hello and hear about the hike (a few weeks ago, he saw a brand new baby moose and its mama, the other day it was a bear), one of the first things I do is take Eric’s phone, look through the pictures he took, and email myself the ones I like. I like the time home alone and appreciate the tired, happy dogs he brings back, but I also like to see what I missed.

yellowmeadoweric yellowmeadoweric03 ericgreenhikesam ericgreenhikeringo3. My tiny family. I’m feeling a little tender about it right now, as I get ready to be away from them for a whole week. I’m so lucky.

4. Books. As I packed for my trip, I loaded a few new books on my Kindle (MaddAddam by Margaret Atwood, and Fat Girl Walking: Sex, Food, Love, and Being Comfortable in Your Skin…Every Inch by Brittany Gibbons) and packed a paper copy, just in case (Wave by Sonali Deraniyagala). One of the most consistent, true things about me is how much I love to read.

5. Good food. I made sweet potato and black bean quesadillas for dinner the other night. Eric made a fresh grilled corn and basil frittata last night and he’s making pizza tonight. I ate my first ripe peach of the summer the other day and almost cried. I’m currently obsessed with hummus and sweet potato chips.

Bonus joy: A rainy morning that cleared off so we could walk but had also soaked the garden so we didn’t have to water, the smell of fresh basil, documentaries (some I’ve watched recently: Austin to Boston, What Happened Nina Simone?, Harmontown, Little White Lie), podcasts, healthcare, marriage equity, a president who will burst into song (sound good and look cool doing it), a washer and dryer right in my house that I can use for free any time I want, electricity, clear water, laughter, dog rescues and rescuers, airport shuttles, car rentals, planes that can fly 1200 miles in 1.5 hours, clean sheets, payday, the internet, my kind and gentle readers, my big family.

Gratitude Friday


1. Our garden. With all the rain, it’s growing in really well. We’ve been getting a handful of strawberries every day, and tons of kale and lettuce. It makes me so much happier to look out the front window and see the jungle of my garden rather than a boring lawn.

2. Summer vacation. This year, it’s taken some real wrangling on my part to keep it from turning into a season of being on call at work, not really on vacation but stuck in some awful limbo, but with the help of a wise, good-hearted boss, I think I’m finally getting there, truly on vacation.

wherenextbrother3. Eric hiking with the dogs. I appreciate the time alone, they have a great time gone, and Eric brings back lots of good pictures and two tired happy dogs.

4. A play date with Chloe’ and Pancho. The best part was when Sam came out and started to play with the puppy.


Mr. Pancho

5. Asking for what I wanted and getting it. I’m glad I asked, and glad there was a yes. It felt like a double victory.


Bonus Joy: Strawberry pie, Couch to 5K, a bit of extra pay to make up for the extra work, TV, clean sheets, some new clothes, my new running shoes, yoga, Daily Dharma Gathering, Pema Chodron, clean water, fresh fruit, a dinner date with Eric, podcasts, the way Sam pushes his head under my hand when he wants petted, the way Ringo barks to announce himself when he’s getting into trouble (it’s like he’s saying, “look at what I’m doing!”), bird song, leafcutter bees, a partner who shares the chores.

Gratitude Friday

elkhorn021. Moving my body. Hiking with Eric and the dogs, long walks, running (yes, you heard that right, I’m doing the “couch to 5k” thing to jump start myself), yoga, stretching.

2. A family who loves me, misses me, wants to see and spend time with me.

3. Neflix and Hulu. My recent favorites were Moone Boy, the new season of Orange is the New Black, and Hector and the Search for Happiness.

gardenkale4. Good Food. Salad made with kale from our garden, soft sweet bran muffins, strawberries, watermelon, corn on the cob, BBQ.

peony045. Peonies. It’s almost the end of the season and I’m going to miss them.

couching05Bonus joy: couching, sweet Sam and silly Ringo, crickets, bird song, new running shoes, the Couch to 5K app on my phone, podcasts, Pema Chödrön, Daily Dharma Gathering (which is FREE this week), Open Heart Project, Shambhala Mountain Center, summer vacation, BBQ, being able to help, being able to rest and heal, Eric, my friends, quiet.

Gratitude Friday

frommygarden1. Peonies. From my garden, and a few roses too.

june2015garden2. Our garden. Flowers, fruits, and veggies.

smartphoneshopping3. Smart phones. How did we grocery shop before we could take pictures and text them to each other?

couching044. My boys. Ringo continuing to grow up little by little while still retaining his ability to make me laugh with his crazy antics. Sam behaving himself so well on a play date with a puppy he was meeting for the first time.

dogswaiting5. Sleepy dogs. I love how sweet they look, how willing they are to cuddle, the deep sighs, the way they chase and bark at stuff in their dreams.

ringonapBonus joy: how green everything is, how well our garden is doing because of all the rain and the sun, strawberries from our own garden, upick berries from Garden Sweet, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies as big as my head, Orange is the New Black Season 3, having the money to be able to put a new roof on the house and whatever else needs done, good friends who will listen to me complain, a partner who will listen to me cry, long walks with the dogs, yoga, Professor Blastoff podcasts, Skype dates with creative and interesting women, trusting that if I keep showing up I will figure out how to write this book that I’m trying to write, naps, summer vacation, being able to change my mind.