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Gratitude Friday


Such a gorgeous color

1. Adele’s return, her new album, new interviews and videos.

2. Thanksgiving, a yummy dinner with good friends who even let us come over early and take showers, (one more week and our bathroom will be done!).

3. Time off from CSU work. The rest of my life is just so wonderful. Even the work doesn’t feel like work.

4. Rest. Naps, reading books, cuddling with the dogs, the quiet of a snowy day.


5. My tiny family. Texts from my brother, talking on the phone with my mom, walking with the dogs, laughing with Eric.

Bonus joy: Cooking, listening to podcasts, Tig Notaro’s new comedy special, warm cheesy biscuits, sparkling apple cider, a quiet house, down blankets, going to the gym, yoga, my Kindle and all the books on it, twinkle lights on a dark morning.

Gratitude Friday


1. Time with friends. I got to spend some with three of them this week. I hadn’t seen them in awhile, and it was so good to be with them. We ate, laughed, cried, got covered in dog hair, and talked about important deep heart stuff.

2. My birthday. I’m happy to be celebrated, but also feel so grateful and lucky to get another year. I got to talk to my mom and brother, received some sweet gifts, was the center of a day long love fest on Facebook, and Eric made me a pie.


3. Winter lights in Old Town. I just love them so much.


4. Ringo Blue turned two years old yesterday. I posted this picture on Facebook and Instagram, with this caption: “The first time I heard about him, I felt a flutter of knowing. The first time I saw a picture of him, I knew. The first time I held him, I was sure. Today when I was taking pictures of him as he tried not to fall asleep in his favorite chair, I could tell when he looked at me that he knew too.”


5. Eric. For the pie, for walking the dogs every day twice a day while my foot rests, for taking them hiking too, for the sweet birthday card and the pie, and for making me laugh.


Bonus joy: Two weeks down on the bathroom renovation and two to go (the latest: we have walls and they got painted today), the half bathroom at the back of our tiny house, how (mostly) good the dogs have been with all the chaos, a weekend off followed by a whole week off for Thanksgiving break, yoga, a chance to sub for my favorite class next week, sleep, clean water, Susannah Conway’s new ecourse “The Inside Story: Running a Heart-Centered Business” which is so good and perfectly timed it’s blowing my little mind.

Gratitude Friday


1. Eric. Since my foot has been wrecked, he has taken over all the dog walking. This is no small thing, kind and gentle reader — our dogs get walked 5-6 miles every morning and another 2-3 every afternoon. I can’t wait to be well enough to start sharing the load again, but until I am, I’m so grateful Eric can, and more importantly that he doesn’t ever complain about it.

2. Our bathroom remodel is moving along. It’s a small crew, but they work really hard, are nice and funny and good at what they do, and are friendly to my dogs. When we had our kitchen remodeled all those years ago, the contractor and his lead guy were really good, but they had kind of crappy subcontractors, so I especially appreciate this crew. Yesterday they put in the new fan. Since we haven’t had one the whole time we’ve lived here (apparently that wasn’t a thing in the 60’s), it seems like some kind of magic.

3. Going to the gym every day. I was really struggling with what to do about my gym membership, struggling to get there at all. There are some things about it I don’t like (unstaffed weekend hours specifically) and making the transition from working out as a way of punishing myself to working out because it feels good and doing so without my trainer was proving to be really sticky and difficult. But without a functioning shower or tub during the remodel, my best option for a shower is to go to the gym every day. I’m glad for that because I’ve been realizing what a great little community I have there. I am getting hugs from various people every time I go in, people who genuinely missed me, and today one woman even stopped her workout and followed me into the locker room squealing my name she was so happy to see me. I also think that even though I still have to be so careful because of my foot, it’s actually helping my foot to do a bit more, to cultivate some of the strength I’ve lost over the last few months.

4. Our first snow. It wasn’t much and now the back yard is a muddy mess, but it was pretty the morning it happened, and later that day Eric took the dogs hiking up at Lory State Park.


5. Getting good work done, even with the chaos of my schedule and location. Part two of this item is being able to let go, forgive myself when I can’t get work done because of the chaos of my schedule and location.

6. Sam and Ringo. Being able to go on a walk alone with them. How good they are being even with all the noise and strange people in and out of the house. How much of a cuddle bug Ringo is turning into. How well Sam’s eyes are doing, (he has Pannus, but with special eye drops we are so far able to keep it pretty clear).




Gratitude Friday

awakeintheworld1. Awake in the World. I’m pretty sure you can still sign up for this, even though it’s now day two of five. I think Lodro and Susan (pictured above in the opening night video) said 23,000 people had signed up.

2. A surprise (to me) Jonatha Brooke concert. I feel enough gratitude for this one that it could be the only thing on this list, and every list for the next month. Thursday afternoon, I got a Facebook message from a new friend. She said, “Totally last minute…but is there any chance you’d want to go to a concert tonight? It’s part of Bohemian Nights. A lady I met at a retreat 2 yrs ago (from NYC) is here tonight. Her name is Jonatha Brooke. She’s a singer-songwriter type.” I had to read it two or three times, and then get online and check to be sure I was reading it right. Jonatha Brooke?! She’s only one of my favorite artists! How did I not know she was coming to town?! Well, I know why. When her new show and album came out, My Mother has 4 Noses, (which I helped fund), I wanted to see it so bad, but she was mostly playing it on the east coast with a few dates in California. I gave up after a while, stopped checking, stopped carefully reading her newsletter when it showed up in my inbox. But it worked out, I got to go, and it was amazing. She signed CDs after the show, so I stuck around, told her how much I adore her, hugged her and thanked her. It was magic, medicine.

Her music always makes me cry. She sings with such fierce gentleness from such a deep, authentic place, and sometimes it punches me right in the gut. I tried to hold it together during the concert, but these two songs broke me open.

3. My tiny family — Eric, Sam, and Ringo Blue. They are a constant comfort. They make me laugh and remind me that life is beautiful, even thought it hurts.

4. Fall food. Various squashes, roasted vegetables, soup, and this Autumn Couscous from the Whole Foods deli that I can’t stop eating.

autumncouscous5. My HappyLight. I’m not sure what I’d do without it this time of year. I sit in front of it every morning as I write, and it takes the edge off the dark.

Bonus joy: coffee with a new friend, two new workshops scheduled, TV (even though I maybe watch too much), Big Magic and Justine’s read-a-long, fall color, a good rain jacket and umbrella, the bathroom remodel kick off (*gulp*, they are coming to demo on Monday morning!), the ability to choose even when I don’t make the best choices, America’s Test Kitchen and all the recipes from them that have made my mouth and belly so happy.

Gratitude Friday

PicMonkeyPumkinCollage1. Fall. How fat the squirrels are getting eating goodies from our compost pile and our pumpkins (see the above before and after shots for proof), the little girls from down the street who knocked on our door and told me they liked our pumpkins and took a few home with them even though they were the last ones left and total Charlie Brown Christmas tree pumpkins, how Eric left a bunch of them at the end of the driveway with a sign “take a pumpkin” expecting a few to be gone when he got back from hiking with the dogs only to be surprised to see them all gone, the cooler weather, down blankets, wool socks.

2. Skyping with friends. Technology makes it possible for me to hang out with people who live in a whole other time zone the same as if we were sitting at my kitchen table. It’s magic, and it’s medicine.

3. Roasted Butternut Squash with olive oil, a ton of garlic, and a bit of sea salt. So good.


4. Making stuff, like a writing class for Inky Path, another Wild Writing Crazy Wisdom workshop as well as a shorter version without the yoga, blogging, Wild Writing, taking pictures, art journaling, collaging, cooking.

5. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue. We are in the sweet spot with these two right now — no one is a baby and no one is dying, no one is sick or hurt. Since it’s fall, Eric has been hiking with them a lot again, so when they are home they are so tired they just lounge around. Such good boys.
eaglesnesttraillazycouchingBonus joy: new music which means I’m making myself a new playlist, flowers from Eric because “they were pretty and I knew you’d like them,” teaching yoga, reading Big Magic, documentaries about musicians (I watched one about Paul Williams and another about Glen Campbell and want to watch the one about Amy Winehouse this weekend), birds still feeding on our sunflowers which are so wilted and dead you’d think there was nothing left to them, a podcast of my favorite morning radio show without commercials or music, trusting myself.

Gratitude Friday


The Eddy Hall atrium was wet and empty yesterday, but beautiful (I work on the third floor of this building)

I made a decision this week that since it was almost exactly a month until my birthday, I was going to spend the month celebrating, and without much effort on my part, every day since something really good has happened. I think it’s probably always true, I’m just paying closer attention right now, making sure. I want to share with you how that looked this past week, so the structure of this list is a bit different.

Saturday: I got a massage. I’ve been trying to get them more regularly because the issue in my foot travels up my body and everything is extra tense, out of wack. Massage really helps. I feel five pounds lighter every time, like I’m floating. It’s one of the things I have a hard time doing for myself, because it somehow seems like such a luxury, but in this case a massage is most certainly physical therapy, necessary.

Sunday: I took a three mile walk. It was so good to get back out with the dogs, to be outside. It felt so…normal. I made bran muffins, and I’m not sure exactly why (maybe because I used a different yogurt, maybe because I forgot to preheat the oven and they had to sit on the counter and wait to go in?), but they are one of the best batches I’ve ever made. I also roasted some butternut squash with olive oil and garlic — so good!

Monday: I took a sick day because I was feeling really tired, had no energy, just couldn’t make myself take a shower or put on real clothes, let alone leave the house, but that meant I got to nap and cuddle with the dogs, and that was awesome. I also got a really sweet package in the mail.


Tuesday: Maya Stein shared a poem that had been on Writer’s Almanac, “Want” by Carrie Fountain. It’s so beautiful, the reason for a word like swoon. Then I got an email inviting me to teach a writing class for Inky Path. So excited!

Wednesday: Had my last session with my therapist, took myself to lunch to celebrate, had coffee with a friend later in the day. We also finally turned the heat on. There’s something about the sound of the furnace running that is so comforting to me.

Thursday: Did work at CSU that felt more like my kind of work, was more creative and authentic and natural. It was the 22nd anniversary of Sarah McLachlan’s “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” album, so I listened to it while I worked, reminded of how it was the soundtrack to the beginning of Eric and I’s marriage, how much we loved it and her, still do. We finally got the Honda back from the shop (just warranty work, nothing major), and one of the guys there asked if we were really selling it when we got a new car, asked how much we wanted for it — if he buys it, it will make things so much easier on us. Eric made homemade pizza for dinner, and after I was done eating, Ringo got up on the couch and cuddled with me.

Friday: I woke up to discover Adele had released a full video of her new song. She is so perfect. Her new album releases two days after my birthday. P.S. Mom, you know you are getting a copy of this for Christmas. :)

It was a good week. I hope you had one too, kind and gentle reader.

Gratitude Friday

weddingus1. 22 years. I’d still chose him, still do every day. I’ve blogged about it on this day the past two years, first on our 20th anniversary, and then on our 21st. He’s still my favorite.

2. Yoga. As I work to heal my foot, to cope with the overwhelm of returning to work at CSU, to enjoy moving my body and being outside on the days it’s nice enough to practice on the patio, yoga is such a gift.

3. Talking to my mom on the phone, getting an anniversary card from her in the mail. I teased her when I emailed her recently after not hearing from her for a bit that she needed to send me a message so I knew she was still alive since she doesn’t have a blog I can check or a smartphone I can text her on. We have an ongoing conversation with each other in our heads every day, but it’s nice to talk for real sometimes, even as much as we both hate talking on the phone.

4. Chew time with the dogs. They get a treat they love and I get to relax in a lawn chair. It’s a win/win.

Distracted for a minute by the dad doing something in the kitchen

Distracted for a minute by the dad doing something in the kitchen

Done with his treat and back to patrolling the yard

Done with his treat and back to patrolling the yard

5. Walking two miles. Y’all have no idea how hard this foot injury has been on me, not being able to go on the walks with the dogs (we go six miles in the morning, 2-3 in the afternoon). My foot is strong enough now that I’m starting to build my endurance back up, and even though it was tender and I had to ice it yesterday after two miles, it’s starting to feel possible that this thing could get all the way better.

Bonus joy: yoga on the back patio, Tricks and Games class with Ringo, Wild Writing class, clementines (reminding me that there’s still fruit, even in the fall and winter), Booktober (an Instagram challenge I’m doing), ordering a new camera, another person signed up for my workshop, being cold (I know, I’ll be complaining about it in no time, but for now it’s kind of awesome), the turning leaves, all our pumpkins, still a few grasshoppers and birds in the front garden, finally getting my hair cut after almost a whole year.