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Gratitude Friday

1. Quiet. Time and space, stillness.

2. Ringo’s toe healing. It’s been tough to keep his activity so restricted, especially when there’s a yard full of snow to run in, but he’s been such a good patient. It’s also given me the opportunity to really work with the anxiety I have around the dogs being hurt or sick, the ways that I make myself suffer and struggle, worrying about doing the right thing, not making a mistake, trying to control things. It’s been so uncomfortable, but also so helpful.

restriction3. Snow. It’s restricted my movement and I am feeling ready for winter to be over, but I also know it will soon be over, so I’m also appreciating it while it is here. I walked the dogs for two hours yesterday morning in 17 degrees while it was snowing, and it was more beautiful than miserable.

4. Pay day. I am so lucky to have a job, to be able to pay my bills and tuck some money aside, to have the luxury of spending a little on things that aren’t really necessary.

5. My brother. It’s his birthday today. I came from a big extended family, but only have one true sibling. I’m so grateful for him.

meandchris02Bonus joy: Gortex, wool, down, snow tires, heat, feeling like I know what I’m doing, making someone laugh, laughing with Eric, kale salad, chocolate mini muffins, having things work out, losing my keys and then finding them, a good hat, birds, foxes, dog sighs, cancelled plans, taking it slow, reading, eating when I’m hungry, water, how our bodies can heal without needing us to take charge of the process, sleep, tears, the beach, long walks, warm slippers, grapefruit juice, practice.

Gratitude Friday

iloveyoubecause1. Eric. He made me this. On every slip of paper inside he wrote something he loves about me. He’s also been calming me down all week about Ringo’s foot — he was running around the backyard like a wild man and stubbed his toe so hard he cut it. I have so much anxiety about anything that happens to the dogs after losing Obi and Dexter to cancer, the smallest thing seems like an emergency, and Eric does such a good job of keeping me from losing my mind — in this and everything else.

2. Ringo and Sam. I’m so grateful that even though Ringo cut his toe, he can still walk on it and isn’t messing with it and it doesn’t seem to hurt — in fact, he doesn’t act like there’s anything wrong at all, doesn’t understand what the fuss is all about. I’m so grateful that he and Sam play so happily together. I’m so grateful that Sam’s health is good and he’s so sweet.

"Can we haz a treat?"

“Can we haz a treat?”

Ringo fell asleep waiting for Sam to give him a turn with the toy.

Ringo fell asleep waiting for Sam to give him a turn with the toy.

3. Feast and the Open Heart Project and the Daily Dharma Gathering, the way that they all work together for me.

4. The Self-Compassion Saturday project, and the ways it keeps on going. Psychology Today posted a link to Barb Markway’s article about it from last year on their Facebook page (which has 5.4 million followers!), so even more people are getting to see it.


5. The Colorado sky, the Poudre River, getting to see the sunrise while I’m out walking the dogs.

Bonus Joy: lunch with friends, reading, having methods to work with my anxiety, laughing with Eric, fun stuff to work on, emails from my mom, pictures of people’s cute dogs and cats and kids on Instagram, the foot of snow that’s on its way here, the promise of rest.

Gratitude Friday

snowmoon1. A beautiful snowy morning walk, with the most amazing moon and sunrise. The day before it snowed it was so warm I wore sandals, but I was happy to see the snow.

2. Ringo in training class. He did so good. I was really tired, had been working straight through the day starting with teaching a yoga class at 7 am, and was tempted to skip training. But I already missed the week before, for the same reason, and if we skipped one more it would be essentially quitting the whole class since there are only four sessions total. We are already retaking it because Ringo got sick the last time and we had to miss the last two classes. I hadn’t been working with Ringo and I was afraid we’d do terrible, but he was amazing! At one point, I had him in a settle, the first step to a real down/stay, and he was just hanging out, watching the other dogs work while I walked further and further away from him, returning every once in a while to give him and treat, and he just stayed there! I couldn’t believe it. He loves working, loves the people there, gets so happy when I start packing his training stuff and he knows where we are going. On the way in, at the second set of doors, he sat and then threw back his head and howled a little he was so excited.

chocolatemuffins3. Tiny chocolate muffins, crunchy Gala apples and crunchy peanut butter, kale salad, clementines, the good chocolate, Marionberry jam, french toast with butter and maple syrup.

4. Cuddling with Sam. He gets into our bed a few hours before the alarm clock goes off and cuddles with me. I don’t hate it.

Om Ananda Yoga

Om Ananda Yoga

5. Teaching yoga. I’ve been subbing for my Wednesday and Friday morning class while our teacher is on vacation. Someone new to the class today came up afterwards and told me she was coming back to my class, that she appreciated how my teaching was “undriven by ego.” It was such a nice compliment.

Bonus Joy: The first week of Feast, Neil Gaiman’s new book (I’m supposed to go wait in line later today to have him sign it, but rumors are there will be 500 other people doing the same, so this hsp introvert hasn’t yet decided for sure if she’s going through with it), rereading this post he wrote when he lost his dog and crying again (the real reason I want to have him sign my book is so I can tell him that this blog post was my favorite thing he’s ever written), a whole entire weekend without a single plan, Ninja poetry, writing dates where the conversation is so wonderful we never even get to the writing, a new harness for Ringo that he hates just as much as all the others but which fits him so much better and seems like it will be more comfortable, seeing my neighbors out early in the morning walking their dogs, blue sky, people who are excited about their work, people who shovel their sidewalks when it snows, neighbors you like so much you are sad when they move, new music on its way from The Weepies and even better than that Deb Talan is officially in remission and cancer-free.

Gratitude Friday

1. Friday. It was the first week of classes at CSU, the first week of a training class I’m taking with Ringo. I took on a seven day blog challenge, started a new Daily Dharma program, am gearing up to teach a bunch of yoga classes, and am taking part in an online writing class. I worked my ass off. I have a lot of work to finish today, but after teaching a yoga class Saturday morning, I’m not doing anything the rest of the weekend and I can’t wait. Sweet Sam is warming up the couch for me right now.

yum2. Peach jam, which I’ve been hoarding like my very own jar of sticky sweet sunshine and finally opened and oh my everything that is holy it is so delicious, the dear friend who gave it to me, and Lucille’s biscuit mix, (I make awesome biscuits, but sometimes you just want to eat them, not do all the prep work).

Doggie eye chart

Doggie eye chart

3. Sam’s Pannus isn’t as bad as it could be. It can eventually make some dogs go blind, but the eye specialist who saw Sam earlier this week said his case probably only runs a 1% risk of that happening as long as we keep treating it. Now we just have to figure out his food allergy.


This still happens rarely enough it’s worth taking a picture when it does

4. Ringo keeps growing up. He still has a case of the puppy crazies, and can be so frustrating sometimes, but he’s getting so much easier. He’s so smart — if he had an owner who wasn’t so busy/lazy, he’d be a superstar.

hikinglory5. Hiking season.  I rarely go with them, but this is the time of the year when Eric does a lot of hiking with the dogs. Ringo is old enough to go with now, and I am either at work or get a few glorious hours at home alone.

Bonus joy: How much Eric and I laugh watching old episodes of Friends, new music to listen to while I work, my friend Amy’s sweet dog Burg probably doesn’t have cancer after all, finding where I bought those Hello Kitty socks for my niece so I can get her the right size, meeting with my new interns and them being just as awesome as the rest, all the TV that’s going to keep me company while I rest on the couch this weekend — new episodes of Downton Abbey, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parks & Rec, Parenthood.

Gratitude Friday

teachingtwists1. Yoga. I taught a new class this morning and it went well. Two gorgeous curvy women showed up, I had a new cd that I really like, and I wore a mala my dear friend made me for good luck. More and more I see how yoga has been essential to my ability to practice self-compassion, to my efforts to heal and get stronger, to be sane. Through teaching, I can see directly how much I’ve changed, transformed.

curvyyoga2. My new favorite tshirt from Curvy Yoga in Nashville. I love the work that Anna does — she’s one of the reasons I became a yoga teacher, knew I had the right, belonged. I think I’m going to demand that from now on all of my clothes are this soft, this comfortable.

declutter3. Decluttering, simplifying. In order to make room for this new wardrobe of soft, comfortable, beautiful clothes that I’m certain are coming my way, I got rid of an entire trunkload of stuff. It felt so good. Bathroom drawers and kitchen cabinets and bookshelves are next.

kellyscookies 4. Kelly’s Giant Ginger Cookies. I’d been wanting to make these for a long time and finally had the desire, ingredients, and time all in the same place. Susan’s blog has some amazing recipes, and I love her stories of my friend and her daughter, Kelly. I told Susan after I made the cookies that I was wishing we could all sit down over a cup of tea and enjoy them — heck, I’d eat a bowl of dirt to get to sit and chat with Kelly again, make her laugh with my dumb dog stories.

daniellesnewalbum5. Danielle Ate the Sandwich’s new album, The Drawing Back of the Curtains. I’ve been listening to it non-stop since she released it.

mythreeboysBonus joy: my three boys, watching old episodes of Friends on Netflix and laughing with Eric, Gumpkies (cabbage rolls), the good chocolate, beautiful malas, good music, sleep, a new season of Downton Abbey.

Gratitude Friday

Image by Eric

Image by Eric

1. The particular light of the sky in winter. Sunrise, sunset, the moon, midday, dusk — so many colors.

2. Vacation. I decided I needed another week, even if it might mean working extra later to make up for it.

clementines3. Clementines (I can’t stop eating them), kale salad, chocolate chip cookies, honey smoked salmon, asiago bagels, Good Earth sweet & spicy tea, peppermint tea.

4. Ringo and Sam, the sweet spot. As happens when you hike — you work really hard, hike far, and at some point there’s this place that you finally get to that’s some sort of magic, I call it the sweet spot — there’s a place you get to with dogs when they are grown up enough but still young enough and healthy. I am enjoying it now because I know from experience how brief it can be, even if it’s years.

Image by Eric

Image by Eric

5. The confidence to try new things. I haven’t always had it, as an introvert and HSP was just too anxious and timid, but I’m experiencing a funny extroversion right now, specifically in how I move my body. Training myself, teaching yoga, running again, trying new classes, applying for new opportunities.

Bonus Joy: Netflix (and smart friends with good taste who recommend more good stuff than I could ever watch), a morning walk with my boys, snow tires, wool socks, good gloves, ice scrapers, the way Ringo makes us laugh, how sweet and easy Sam is, hugging Eric for a full 20 seconds (I heard that is how long it takes to trigger some good biological something that I can’t remember the name of right now), drinking tea in the late afternoon, yoga, sweet friends sending me mail, reading.

Gratitude Friday

unravellingoatmeal1. Apple pie oatmeal, one part oats and one part pie. Asiago bagels. Clementines. Roasted vegetables. Breakfast burritos.

2. A chance to reflect and contemplate. I spent some time yesterday morning working my way through the prompts I shared with you. I got really clear about what I wanted the next year to feel like, where I wanted to focus my energy, effort, and time. I also realized there was one pretty big thing I need to let go, and even though it’s going to be really hard it’s clearly right, can feel in my gut that it’s true.

3. A whole new year. I know that you could see it like a moment in time that doesn’t have any inherent special meaning, but I choose to see it as a moment in which I can pause and then begin again.

4. Eric taking the dogs running when it’s too cold to walk. I haven’t been running in a long time, so I can’t go with them. Usually we share the walking, but I haven’t been able to go in the morning for the past week because of the weather. I’m so grateful that Eric is strong enough, kind enough to do it for me. I think he’d probably want me to tell you he likes it — but even for a guy who is in good shape and likes it, every morning for a whole week in the super cold when you usually don’t is rough.

icebaby5. Self-Compassion Saturday: the eBook. I’m so happy to finally have it done, to be able to offer it. And I’ve gotten such good feedback. Turns out, even though it was a whole year after the project ended, New Year’s Day was the perfect day to give it away.

Self-Compassion Saturday eBookBonus Joy: laughing with Eric, afternoon walks, teaching yoga, reading, new calendars, blank notebooks, texting with my brother, a movie and lunch with a friend, a writing date with another, a fresh start.