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Gratitude Friday

goldenpinkpeony1. Peonies. Every day I was amazed, watching them shift from bud to bloom and finally to compost, changing color from a deep pink to the palest golden peach.

peonycompost2. Not being any worse. Sometimes when you are sick, this is the best you can hope for. Too bad I don’t get paid sick days during summer vacation.

3. Summer vacation. Finally, finally, finally. The first few weeks are going to be a blur of being sick, healing, and tying up loose ends, but it’s finally here.

When I knew I was really on vacation -- my office was all packed up for the move back into the remodeled Eddy Hall

When I knew I was really on vacation — my office was all packed up for the move back into the remodeled Eddy Hall

4. My tiny family. My three boys.

Sam's safe spot -- he doesn't like it when I cough, but when I go in to use the bathroom, he forgets it was me he's hiding from

Sam’s safe spot — he doesn’t like it when I cough, but when I go in to use the bathroom, he forgets it was me he’s hiding from

My view for most of the week

My view for most of the week

My three boys, couching

All three boys, couching

Ringo hiking at Lory State Park, which looks more like it's in Oregon than Colorado, (image by Eric)

Ringo hiking at Lory State Park, which looks more like it’s in Oregon than Colorado, (image by Eric)

5. HGTV House Hunters. I’ve been binge watching on Hulu and Netflix while I’ve been sick on the couch, in between naps.

Bonus Joy: clean pjs, a hot shower, real cough syrup, Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea, Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup, onion rolls and butter, planting our garden, naps, friends checking up on me, permission to rest, a comfortable bed in the spare room where I can cough as much as I need to without waking everyone up, how Ringo is learning to cuddle, the internet, email, being able to afford a plane ticket, knowing what I’m worth.

Gratitude Friday

sheopenendpeony1. Watching this peony open right in front of me. I was sitting at my desk and heard a rustle. I looked over at her, and in slow motion her petals started to uncurl, falling open until I could see all the way into the yellow of her center. It was so amazing, so precious, it’s still hard to believe it actually happened.

2. Sick days. I needed one this week. Actually I probably needed two or three but one was at least enough to keep me going just a bit longer.

3. Opportunity knocking. I have another chance to publish elsewhere (I’ll say more about it later when the details get worked out), and I didn’t ask for it, didn’t seek it out — it came to me. I’m here, doing what I do, and someone noticed and made me an offer. I love it when that happens.

ericreading4. Eric. How he takes care of me and the dogs, goes hiking and running with the dogs, makes me laugh, loves to read, has weird nerdy interests and habits that drive me crazy but are also adorable, how excited he gets to learn a new fact or hear something funny and share it.

5. My boys. Happy, healthy.

lastsnow15 couching03 ringoshardlife samfloodBonus joy: Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea, Netflix and Hulu, a hot shower, clean towels, sunshine, bees, bird song, mac & cheese with roasted veggies, naps, a good warm hat, space heaters, radio, and what she looked like when she opened.

What she looked like when she opened, lower left

What she looked like when she opened, lower left

Gratitude Friday

From three years ago, but just what it looks like today

From three years ago, but just what it looks like today

1. Getting to work with good people. For example, I got a new camera for work this week, a fancy grownup one, and the day I took it out of the box, I was scheduled to take pictures of some interns in action for a series of blog profiles at CSU. I didn’t know what I was doing, either with the technology or setting up the shots, but with the help of my colleague who knows so much more than I do, the pictures turned out great and I learned some stuff.  Another example is I met with my interns for the last time this week, published their final profiles, gave them their parting gifts, and reflected on how lucky I am to get to work with such dedicated, enthusiastic, creative students. And finally, there’s that guy who stops by my office and steals my candy who always has such nice things to say about me, and seems to show up and say them just when I need to hear it.

2. Spring. The bird song, the blooms, the 1000 shades of green, the promise of summer break and a garden, and yes, even the rain, (although, after a week’s worth of it, I’m having to work really hard on that one).

blurry3. Healthy, happy dogs. We are nearing the sweet spot with these boys, that moment in our lives together where they are grown up enough to be easier, calmer, but they are also still young enough to have lots of energy and good health. We’ve got about 2-3 years of that, five if we are lucky, before the inevitable down turn starts to happen on the other end of things, where Sam starts to get older and can’t quite keep up — at least, that’s the hope. We’ll be so lucky if Sam gets old. Obi was still in the sweet spot when he got his cancer, and Dexter was just barely starting to slow down when he got his. I tell Sam and Ringo all the time that they are going to be my old dogs. #fingerscrossed

4. Sangha. Community and connection. My yoga friends, the Open Heart Project, the Daily Dharma Gathering, all the other creatives and healers I’m connected to, my writing companions, and all the other humans who help me to cultivate an open heart, softness and strength, practice, faith.

5. The ability to choose. The luxury to have space and time to listen, to sit quietly with myself and consider what I need, to contemplate what I want, and to be able to choose.

andreagibson6. Andrea Gibson. She’s an amazing performer, poet, human. I got to finally see her in person this past weekend, in the company of an equally amazing poet and human.

Bonus Joy: how curious Eric is, how excited he gets when he’s telling me about something he saw or read or heard, how he makes me laugh, how he makes himself laugh, the stability and comfort he offers me, sweet potato corn chips and hummus (yes, I’m still obsessed), lemonade, cabbage rolls, smashed potatoes, knowing that I can only do what I can do and what doesn’t get done is okay too, humans who care and are putting so much effort into making things better, how happy Ringo is when I get his favorite toy out for him to play with, how I’ve watched him lately catch himself when he’s about to make a bad decision and independently redirect, how sweet Sam is, how he just wants everyone to be calm and nice, books, being able to give — gifts and attention and effort and encouragement and attention.

Gratitude Friday

lilacbloom1. Spring. Lilac blooms, rain, everything so so green and lush, bird song in the morning, the promise of summer vacation, lazing around in the backyard.

2. Dharma of Writing. We had our first session last night, one of four. My dad told me on his birthday a few weeks ago that he’s giving me one year to write this book I keep talking about, and last night I worked on it. The first task is to start typing up and working with the 10+ years worth of journals I’ve filled. I’ve always joked that if I just did that, I’d have 70% of the book already written, and after an hour of doing just that last night, only four pages in, I can see that I was right. I’m going to trust that if I just keep showing up, working with that material, the story, the book will become clear.

3. April Love. Yesterday was the last day of the 30 day challenge. I missed it this morning. For the past month, the first thing I wrote when I opened my journal was “April Love prompt.” One of the first things I thought about every morning was how I was going to respond to the prompt. I miss it. Whatever will I write about now? ;)

Sam hiking at Lory State Park

Sam hiking at Lory State Park

Ringo hiking at Mount Margaret

Ringo hiking at Mount Margaret

4. Eric. How he takes the dogs hiking. How he does all of Sam’s maintenance stuff to keep him feeling good, keep him from being uncomfortable and scritchy. How even though he really wants to kill Ringo sometimes, he doesn’t. How he leaves me love notes on the kitchen counter.

different5. Sam and Ringo. They are so different from each other, so much like Obi and Dexter but also so much themselves.

Bonus joy: the meadowlarks singing at the park, that one bird that sounds almost like a monkey, yoga, Fridays, pay day, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, avocado, hummus and sweet potato corn chips, having a job but also having vacation time, knowing I’m good at what I do, the tiny irises that are yellow with a purple beard that I totally forgot about until they bloomed again this year, the smell of the lilacs, grocery shopping, things that were hurting starting to heal.

Gratitude Friday

gallery1. Breakfast with good friends that I don’t see nearly enough. Friendships that last decades without needing to try, love that lasts just because it does, women who are smart and kind and funny.

2. Feast with Rachel Cole and a whole group of amazing women. I’m grateful it was, and I’m also grateful it’s over now.

3. My Kindle, and all the books on it that I can read whenever and wherever I want. Don’t get my wrong — I’m not giving up paper books, but it’s nice to have another option.

sleeping4. My tiny family, my three boys.

5. Friday. Thank goodness.

Bonus joy: making it home from our walk before it rained, homemade ketchup, hummus and sweet potato corn tortilla chips, the grocery store stocking my favorite granola bars again, yoga teacher training, sangha, the Daily Dharma Gathering, the Open Heart Project, Season 4 of Girls on Amazon, funny people, smart people, the memory of peach pie, sleep, a cold glass of water, a hot shower, soft dogs, clean sheets.



Gratitude Friday

sweetfriend1. Sweet friends, who bring me special treats, listen to me, try to help, make me laugh.

2. My morning practice, writing and meditation, yoga or a long walk.

3. Spring in Colorado, cherry blossoms and bird song and a bit of snow and everything turning so green.

couching4. My tiny family, the comfort and joy of home, love and laughter.

5. Kale salad, taking the time to chop all the ingredients and put it all together, to nourish myself.

Bonus joy: the Open Heart Project, books, working with good people, space, a washer and dryer right in my house, clean sheets, laughter, knowing I did what I could, Christmas cacti that won’t stop blooming, good people doing good work.

Gratitude Friday


Sam and Ringo hiking with Dad

1. Our internet at home is fixed, and the technician who came was nice and knew what he was doing and not the same one who jumped our fence the other day while we were at work, cut our line, and left a big mess (all while Sam was thankfully asleep inside and unaware, otherwise the situation could have been so much worse). I didn’t mind not being able to use my computer for stuff because I could use my phone or do things at work, but it meant we didn’t have TV, (since our version of “TV” is a computer hooked up to our TV so we can watch Netflix and Hulu and such). I’m not dependent, but it is a key way I unwind for a few hours after a long day of work and I missed it. Although, I did get to watch Lady Sings the Blues last night, one of my favorite movies.

2. Eric hiking with the dogs. Because he had to rearrange his schedule to be home for the cable guy, it left him free this afternoon and even though I’m a little jealous because I have a shit ton of CSU work I need to finish today and will be at it the rest of the day, I’m glad they get to go have some fun.

3. Going home for lunch. It’s only about a three minute drive, and if there is something there I really want to eat, it’s the best spot in town for a casual lunch, a little break from work.

4. Signs of Spring and 5. Taking a break: Walking back from returning something at the library, I stopped and went mad taking pictures of the cherry trees in bloom. I can’t pick just one to share, so here are a few of my favorites.

Bonus Joy: Laughing, walking with the dogs, making myself the best mixtape on SoundCloud, glazed lemon zucchini bread, hummus and sweet potato tortilla chips, a big glass of cold water, a retreat with the Open Heart Project Sangha, the Daily Dharma Gathering, the best BLT I’ve had in a long time, puppies both old and young, skipping yoga all week after teaching a lot, sunny weather, teasing our neighbor about the zombie proof raised beds he was building, letting my fear be rather than wishing it away or getting sucked into its story, selecting and sending birthday presents to my mom and dad, working and being done with work.