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Gratitude Friday

1. Dates scheduled with some of my favorite people. I missed them while I was gone and love that I’m going to get to catch up with what’s been going on with them for the past month.

2. Still being on vacation. One of the best things I ever did for myself is to renegotiate my position to a nine month contract. It cost me financially, but there’s no way to put a price on my sanity.
pillowcases3. Vintage pillowcases, bees and bamboo, feather pillows and clean sheets.

4. A surprise marionberry pie. I thought I’d eaten my last piece, that all the berries where gone, and then Eric made another. It was like some kind of magic. Pie magic.

5. Ringo and Sam playing in the sprinkler. What do you do with two herding dogs when it’s almost too hot to play? Turn on the water.
mabelmagme5. Finally getting to sit down with the first issue of Mabel Magazine. I am still utterly amazed that this exists, gobsmacked that I got to be part of something so beautiful, so grateful to be in the company of so many amazing women.

Bonus Joy: My new mala, white sandalwood, which I’ve been wearing on my wrist to remind me that practice doesn’t just happen on the mat, on the cushion, on the page, or on the leash — practice is life.

Gratitude Friday

littleamerica1. A safe, relatively easy trip home.

2. Sleeping in my own bed.

3. My garden out front going crazy. We’ve had lots of rain and that combined with the Colorado sun made my garden explode. There’s lots of weeding to do, but I love seeing it so full and lush.

4. Cooler weather. It was in the high 90s in Redmond our last few days in Oregon, then 104 degrees when we stopped in Idaho, and after a month at the beach with cool weather, that was too too too hot. However, when we hit Colorado, with the storms, it wasn’t getting much over 75, so it’s given us a few days to settle in before it gets too hot.

5. Eric made me a marionberry tart with berries we brought back from Oregon in a cooler.

marionberrytartBonus Joy: Ringo goes back to daycare today and I am going back to my yoga class that I went to for six years straight and have been missing for the past six months.