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Gratitude Friday

lastsummerberries1. Summer berries, still. Eric brought these to me yesterday morning, and said “don’t give up on summer yet.” Then he told me he thought there was bear poop in our front yard. I went out and checked later, and he was right — a pile of bear scat next to the tomatoes, near a sunflower head with all the seeds picked out and gone. There have been bears in our neighborhood before so it isn’t unusual, but it’s still pretty cool to live somewhere that BEARS might be in your garden!

chewtime2. Chew time. After working a bit with Sarah Stemming, my favorite dog trainer, we determined the dogs, especially Ringo, needed some challenges, that they got plenty of physical exercise but needed a bit more mental. One of the things we are doing for them is giving them Kongs, stuffed with Taste of the Wild Pacific Salmon soft food and then frozen. I’ve always done this for our puppies, but for some reason got out of the habit when they became dogs. I think it’s because I somehow felt guilty, like I was just giving them something so they wouldn’t bother me for a bit, but it’s actually really good for them to be able to chew, to work a little for their food, even when they are big dogs.

newglasses023. New glasses, four pairs. I posted this picture the other day on Instagram with the caption, “this is what tired looks like.” I broke my only pair of distance glasses last week, and I decided to try the online store Eric got his last pair from. I got four pairs of glasses for the same price I usually pay for just one, although I’m conflicted about this sort of thing. I want to buy local, but when I can get four pairs of nice glasses online for less than one pair locally, the Kmart kid in me kicks in and I can’t pass up the deal. Sometimes a cheaper price, getting a deal, trumps my other values. Like when I go to the grocery store to buy raspberries and the organic ones are $3.99, but the non organic are on sale for .99 cents, I choose price over my desire to eat safer food. And I buy them with the further complication that any kind of raspberries from the store aren’t local, come in a plastic container, etc. etc., but they are such a good source of fiber and yumminess — being a modern human is complicated. I’m grateful that these are my “problems.”

ringosquirrel4. My dogs are cute. You can’t see it very well in this picture, but there was a squirrel in the corner, on the ground, and Ringo was transfixed. He watched it for almost five minutes, and then tried to sneak up on it, but it got away, as they always do. We feed lots of squirrels by way of our compost pile, which you can see just over Ringo’s head in this picture, so they love our yard. Ringo and I had our Tricks and Games class last night, and he loves it so much, did such a good job, even though we hadn’t practiced at all last week. More cute: when I get home from work, Sam always has to go get a toy and bring it to me, whines and wags his tail so hard his whole body moves. Ringo is always more interested in seeing Sam, (he’s is in his crate when we aren’t home, but Sam can go where he wants, so Ringo misses him too). This morning Sam got into bed with us and then fell back into a deep sleep. His feet were against my back, and he started dreaming he was running. It was like a free massage. :)

5. Friday. Y’all, I’m so glad.

Bonus joy: cool mornings, good books and good tv and the money to be able to buy both whenever I want, physical therapy, my foot getting better, a warm shower, ordering the materials for our bathroom remodel (now that it’s so close, I can’t believe we are finally doing it), Rocky Mountain Popcorn/Caramel, a cute video of a parrot with a paper towel, a new notebook, Wild Writing class, Whine About It, an excuse to buy more toys for Ringo (it’s for training, yo), a boss who thinks I’m brilliant (those were her exact words yesterday).

Gratitude Friday

berrypie1. Pie, and the man who makes it. Our favorite kind lately is mixed berry — blackberry, raspberry, and blueberry. So good.

Tomato Tower, image by Eric

Tomato Tower, image by Eric

2. Our garden, which is starting to wilt and die, but is still producing tomatoes and a few strawberries, and the sunflowers are functioning like the world’s largest bird feeder. Yesterday morning, there were at least 20 birds, three or four different varieties, all feeding on the seeds. It was magic.

3. My first workshop! I’m so excited to be offering this.

Writing Jill Salahub4. My CSU office, finally unpacked and moved in, almost six weeks after I got back! It makes a huge difference. I was starting to feel like I worked in a storage closet.

eddy312 eddy31202 eddy312035. Fall color. Eric took the dogs hiking last weekend and it felt like everything was right with the world. Now if my dumb foot would just heal already so I could go with them sometime soon…

samaspens ringoaspens6. Kitchen counter love notes. They really are the best thing about being back to work at CSU.

kitchencounterlovenote02Bonus joy: Being able to do a bit more because my foot is a bit better, physical therapy and massage, Eric walking the dogs twice every day for me because I can’t right now even though it is hard for him, Ryan Adams’s cover album of Taylor Swift’s 1989, quitting my therapist (this is kind of a big deal and I’ll say more about it later, but I told her it’s kind of a dumb profession where your measure of success is when your clients don’t need you anymore), Tricks and Games class with Ringo which is fun and totally wears him out, the following picture of him last night after class being Exhibit A.



Gratitude Friday

goldenraintree1. Fall weather. I’ve actually been cold a couple of times in the past few days. Even though I’m going to miss our garden, I’m ready for it.

caramelcorn2. Good food. Rocky Mountain Popcorn Caramel (so good…), roasted corn on the cob, watermelon, the last of the zucchini and tomatoes, bran muffins fresh out of the oven.

shrineview3. Practice. Yoga, meditation, writing, and dog. The best way to describe the book I’m working on is most likely “how I went from crazy to sane through practice.” Getting up each morning and stretching, then going to sit on my meditation cushion for 20 minutes, and then sitting at my writing desk to write for another half hour is just the best. And last night I got to go to a new training class with Ringo, Tricks-n-Games, and then came home and cuddled with Sam, which leads to the next thing on my list…

4. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue.

Tricks-n-Games class

Tricks-n-Games class

How can such a big dude curl up so tiny?

How can such a big dude curl up so tiny?

Sam wouldn't come out to play with him, so he went in.

Sam wouldn’t come out of his crate to play with him, so Ringo went in.

5. Good friends. The kind who celebrate with me, bitch and moan with me, laugh with me, clarify things for me, support me, and hatch big plans with me.

Bonus joy: the pumpkins in our garden, the way the blooms on my clematis look like tiny stars, how Eric loans out our tools to the college kids who live behind us, physical therapy, a finalized bid for our bathroom remodel so we can finally order things and start, really smart and kind people who can clarify my confusion, focusing on just one thing, seeing that what I want is possible, knowing I can if I want to, knowing I don’t have to, Wild Writing class, a hot shower, clean laundry, texting with my brother.

Gratitude Friday

sunflowercloseup1. Healing. I don’t want to jinx it, but my heel seems to be getting better — with rest, physical therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, and patience (which was probably the hardest of all), it’s on the mend.

kitchencounterlovenote2. The return of kitchen counter love notes. It’s the best thing about going back to work after summer vacation.

ourgardenaugust3. Our garden. The pumpkins are turning orange, the basil has gone to flower, and even though we only got a few Rocky Mountain Bee Plants this year they are big enough to be feeding many many bees.

goodeats4. Good food. Black bean and zucchini pancakes smothered in avocado and tomatoes from our garden, peach pie, glazed lemon zucchini bread, homemade pizza, roasted tomato soup, smoked salmon and cream cheese with spinach on an asiago bagel, corn on the cob, and watermelon.

stilllife5. Sweet Sam and Ringo Blue. The morning I took this picture, Eric was hoping to get some work done at home, but the dogs wouldn’t settle down, even though he just took them on a run. They were playing and playing and being rowdy and finally he gave up and went to his office on campus to work. I told him, “you know as soon as you leave, they are going to settle down.” I texted him this picture five minutes after he left.

Bonus joy: the sunflowers in our garden, a good yoga class, Hulu with no commercials, the Your Career Homecoming challenge, giving love and having it find its way back to me, Wild Writing class, more zucchini when I thought it was done producing, figuring out new ways to move, pants that fit and are comfortable, pay day, saying no, knowing what I want, uninterrupted sleep, crock pot meals, an hour working on my book, trusting that I don’t have to know how it’s going to turn out in order to keep going.



Gratitude Friday

giantsunflower1. Our garden, now featuring 8-12 foot tall sunflowers and hundreds of cherry tomatoes.

treehouseoffice2. Back to work at CSU. The work, the people, the benefits, the new and improved space, the opportunity to work with discomfort and irritation, the view from my office which looks like I’m in a treehouse.

3. Sam and Ringo, who are adjusting so well to us both going back to work. I realized just last night that I finally am sleeping better, have stopped listening for all the bad things (someone getting sick, a puppy chewing on something he shouldn’t, someone licking or scratching or whining).

padthai4. Good food. Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai, fresh peaches, tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

bathroomcolors5. Continued progress on our home improvements. Last week was new toilets, replacing a 50 year old electrical panel, new lights for both the front and back porch, picking paint and lighting for the bathroom remodel, and fixing the outlet by the washer and dryer that had been just hanging there for far too long (and he did that last one for free).

latesummerskyBonus joy: yoga on the back patio in my pajamas under a blue sky, teaching yoga at Om Ananda, play date with Pancho and his mom, having the means to pay for what needs done and to do some fun stuff too, getting my office at CSU halfway unpacked, finally getting over our colds, cooking and baking, trying a new recipe and having it not just turn out but wanting to make it again, having the time to really clean off my desk, having a job that is somewhat flexible, walking with the dogs, the way Sam just decided this morning to get in the tub to investigate, the way Ringo cuddles with Eric in the morning, the way Eric remembers one of the funniest things he ever said, dumb tv with an irritating host that grows on you the more you watch, cooler mornings and even some days, good people that do good work that I don’t mind having in my house, the sweetest feedback on something I wrote.

Gratitude Friday

firstmums1. The first signs of fall. Blooms on my chrysanthemum bush, leaves turning yellow, way more tomatoes than we could possible eat, pumpkins turning orange.

2. Peach season. These are one of the things I ache for come winter.

3. The cold Eric got that I thought I was getting too turned out to not hit me so hard. It was good to have a break on that front for once this summer.

4. Something Good on Wanderlust. It makes me so happy that something I was doing anyway leads to something even better, that people still appreciate it so much.

5. Breakfast with good friends I don’t see nearly enough. Good people who make me want to linger, make me laugh, don’t mind turning our meal into an impromptu life coaching session for me.

Bonus joy: having the means to fix up our house and have work done without worrying, having the time to be able to be here so the people can come do the work, having dogs who will rest mostly patiently in their crates while the work gets done, my favorite plumber Andy, knowing it won’t be too long before the bathroom is all shiny and new and the floors are finally finally refinished even though there’s a lot of work and waiting to do between now and then, talking to my mom on the phone, coming up with a new mac and cheese recipe that uses spinach and tomatoes from the garden and is so tasty I don’t mind eating it for lunch and dinner two days in a row, people who see what I’m doing and get it and appreciate it, sitting in the backyard watching the moths feed from the flowers on the broccoli while the dogs play and a light wind blows, Sam’s foot being hurt again but not too bad and on the mend.

Gratitude Friday

ringosquash1. Garden season. We are starting to get tomatoes and have enough zucchini to make all the breads, zucchini and black bean pancakes, and have some left over to share. What we don’t have (like strawberries and peaches or enough cucumbers), we can get from Garden Sweet — upick strawberries this weekend!

gardensweetberries02tomatoseason02 2. Eric’s hiking pictures. Especially the ones of the dogs.

traildogs riverdogs3. Sitting down with a good friend I haven’t seen in a long time. If you want to know how much you’ve changed (or haven’t), sit down with someone who knows you really well after not having seen them for two years and talk about what’s been going on.

4. Sitting down with a new friend I’ve never seen. I’m heading to a Containers for Connection: 10 Letters Project event in Denver tomorrow, and I get to meet, have dinner, hang out, and go to the event with my friend Kirsten Akens, who I haven’t yet met face to face. I already adore her though, so can’t wait to tell her to her face.

tapefoot5. Physical therapy. I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot, so painful, so debilitating even though it’s a relatively small part of your body. I started physical therapy, and even though the dry needling is a level of pain I’ve rarely felt, kept me on the couch with a heating pad all night, it feels better today than it has in months. Plus the cool tape job makes me look like a cyborg.

Bonus joy: teaching yoga, zucchini bread, being able to rest when I need to, soaking in the tub, seeing an end in sight to my current round of illness and injury, pay day, the peaches I’m going to use to make Georgia Peach bread, fresh cucumbers (so good!), the beginnings of a bathroom remodel, being able to afford a bathroom remodel, finding a really good designer to help.