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Gratitude Friday

coloradofall141. Fall in Colorado. So pretty, cool and sunny, quiet and calm.

2. New slippers. I waited two years to get new ones, and now I understand why — they are perfect.

foxslippers3. Really good friends. Seriously, I was just as happy to see them last night as I was to see Cheryl Strayed. These women are smart and interesting and funny. They make me feel safe, make me laugh, encourage and inspire me.

4. Cheryl Strayed! I met her last night, and she’s every bit as genuine and funny in person.


5.  Ringo Blue is ten months old today. I am way stupid in love with this dog.

10monthsoldBonus joy: my tender little heart, laughing, opportunities to teach more yoga, a soft place to land, apple season, heart shaped rocks from heart shaped friends, the most beautiful and delicate silver necklace that reminds me of my path, books and writers and readers, the way sweet Sam licks my face when he finds me crying, breakfast burritos from La Luz, the last of the watermelon, the good kind of chocolate, new music, how quiet my new office is, new sheets that are the same as the ones on the house at the beach, the weekend.

Gratitude Friday

dudesatlory1. Colorado Fall, my favorite season, time for all the hiking — although I could live without all the rain we’ve been having.

fallground2. Practice — mediation, yoga, writing, and dog. Specifically this morning I was thinking of Susan Piver and her Open Heart Project. I can’t wait to see her again in December, in person not just on the screen of my phone.

3. New thyroid medication, which seems to finally be lifting the horrible fatigue, brain fog I’ve been living with for almost three years now.

4. Down blankets. It’s been cold and they are so cozy.

5. Pop music, specifically Taylor Swift’s new song, my new anthem, “Shake It Off,” which I can’t stop listening to.

Bonus Joy: Laughing with Eric, the last peaches and watermelons of the season, quiet, how much Sam and Ringo like each other.

Gratitude Friday

image by Eric

image by Eric

1. Teaching my first “real” yoga class. Eight of my friends agreed to come and help me practice for my final. I’m so glad that my first experience teaching a full class was with students who are wise, kind, and have a good sense of humor — and who love me.

2. Unpacking and organizing my new office. I didn’t do much, because I still am working on things that needed to be done yesterday, but it was enough to make the space feel better, not so much like an empty dorm room or storage closet.

3. Fall, my favorite Colorado season. Although, what is up with all the rain, CO?

4. Obstacles that present the opportunity to practice. The cats and squirrels who hang out in our yard and antagonize the dogs, the delivery trucks with squeaky brakes who do the same, the interns who make mistakes I get to fix, the people who judge me even though they know nothing about my circumstances, the ones who get in my way, the others who don’t consider how they might help, those of us who continue on in our confusion generating suffering — etc.

5. Quiet, stillness. I’ve needed it this week to balance the speed, the rage, the noise, the overwhelm.

playersBonus Joy: My tiny family, my soft place to land.

Gratitude Friday

1. This was the sky, the view from my front porch this morning. I think it was because it’s my niece’s birthday today, Sweet 16, (how did that happen?!). She’s still one of my favorites.


when she was smaller, and we both were younger

2. My boys. Training with Ringo, (wow, he’s smart), and the way Sam sneaks into bed with us in the morning, (I totally let him).
playing3. Come, Play, Stay, that the people who work there don’t just understand Ringo as a Cattle Dog, but they appreciate, even love him.

4. Good friends who will say yes when I ask them to come to a practice yoga class (including the ones who wanted to but couldn’t make it this time), who are willing to help me get some experience teaching before my final, before doing it “for real,” who are so kind and generous and funny and brilliant.

5. End of summer harvest — watermelon, peaches, corn, strawberries, and raspberries.

Bonus Joy: Laughing with Eric, cooler weather, Skyping with Justine, glazed lemon zucchini bread, a three day weekend.

Gratitude Friday

1. The last weekend of summer vacation. *sob* Someday, someday this will be my life, not only a vacation. I just know it.

2. One last weekend of yoga teacher training. It’s still three weeks away, but I’m ready to be done, to move on to the next step.

3. Golden days with my dogs. There is a sweet spot when dogs are old enough but not too old, when you don’t have to watch them every second, and when no one (as far as you know) has cancer or is dying. When you don’t have to sleep with one eye open because at any moment there could be an emergency, when you can finally relax and enjoy them. That time is now.

4. Peaches and watermelon. I can’t get enough of either one right now.

5. My body’s ability to heal. I got bit twice by a gnarly spider on the back of my leg while I was sleeping Monday night, and for the first few days it was pretty bad, but it’s so much better now. I’m constantly amazed by how strong, how efficient my body is, without needing much help or direction from me.

Bonus Joy: Apparently, it’s National Relaxation Day. Now that’s something worth celebrating, with a nap.

Gratitude Friday

practice1. Practice. Yoga, meditation, writing, and dog. I’m so glad that after a lot of years searching, I’ve settled into the things that work for me, happy that I can give up the seeking and go deeper, that I can work with staying instead.

2. Rain and cooler weather. The rain doesn’t need to come so fast, all in one day, but I love that things are still so green and it’s not so hot. I even wore socks the other day.

a tired dog is a good dog

a tired dog is a good dog

3. Ringo. He’s growing up. I posted this on my Facebook page, so you may have already seen it, but if not,

It’s been exactly seven months since I first held him, that day at Sherry’s when we went to visit the puppies, when that one little boy that Lori told me about came over to me, sat himself down at my feet, looked up and demanded I give him my attention. I scooped him up and held him, and even though I didn’t tell anyone for a while and Sherry hadn’t decided yet which puppy was going home with us, I knew that he was the one.


And yet, there was resistance on my part. Puppies are hard and I’d just lost my Dexter, wanted him back more than I wanted another dog, Sam was sick and we didn’t know how to help him or if he’d be with us much longer, and Ringo was my most challenging puppy to date. It took some time. Part of the resistance was/is that having lost two of my boys, I know that the pain of losing them is equal to the measure that you love them. Silly me, I thought I could love this one a little less and save myself from hurting so much. It never works though.

Since we got him, Eric and I have been asking each other, “How much do you love him now, on a scale of 1 to 10?” I’ve been hovering at 8-9 for months, and then, at some point in the last 24 hours, and I’m not sure just when, which moment it was when I tipped, but I went to a full 10. I am seriously gone over this dude. He is MY dog.

4. Teaching yoga. I finish training next month, and already am scheduled to substitute teach two classes and have all kinds of ideas for other opportunities. Joyfear.

5. Another office move at CSU. Now there are lots of things not to like about having to move again so soon, but the thing I’m grateful for is that my office being in boxes, in transition, keeps me from going back to work early, which I have been known to do. This second move will keep me out of there for at least another week.

Bonus Joy: Sam still doing so well, peach pie, Susan Piver offering a writing and meditation retreat in December at Shambhala Mountain Center, books, a really good plumber and a small easy fix, catching up with friends, zero credit card debt, books and time to read them, returning to my regular yoga class after a six month absence, how Eric makes me laugh.

Gratitude Friday

1. Dates scheduled with some of my favorite people. I missed them while I was gone and love that I’m going to get to catch up with what’s been going on with them for the past month.

2. Still being on vacation. One of the best things I ever did for myself is to renegotiate my position to a nine month contract. It cost me financially, but there’s no way to put a price on my sanity.
pillowcases3. Vintage pillowcases, bees and bamboo, feather pillows and clean sheets.

4. A surprise marionberry pie. I thought I’d eaten my last piece, that all the berries where gone, and then Eric made another. It was like some kind of magic. Pie magic.

5. Ringo and Sam playing in the sprinkler. What do you do with two herding dogs when it’s almost too hot to play? Turn on the water.
mabelmagme5. Finally getting to sit down with the first issue of Mabel Magazine. I am still utterly amazed that this exists, gobsmacked that I got to be part of something so beautiful, so grateful to be in the company of so many amazing women.

Bonus Joy: My new mala, white sandalwood, which I’ve been wearing on my wrist to remind me that practice doesn’t just happen on the mat, on the cushion, on the page, or on the leash — practice is life.