After two long long days of waiting for a phone call from the vet, the biopsy didn’t find cancer or any infections, just a “mild inflammation,” but the vet still thinks that reverse sneezing with bloody noses is cause for concern (and I think she’s still freaked out about the “bloody scare”). She suggests that the next step is a cat scan, thinking that there might be a tumor up where she couldn’t see it, couldn’t reach it to biopsy. Not sure if a cat scan would really provide a definitive answer either, other than the “there’s something there but we can’t be sure what it is, it might be cancer” variety.

So, we know lots of things that it isn’t, but can’t be sure that it isn’t the “big bad.” For now, we are taking a break. We are loving on Dexter, taking care of him the best we can, letting him do what he loves, and living in the limbo of not knowing–kind of almost exactly what we were doing before.